We are tipping our captains hats and showing our gratitude for each and ever visitor who put Hornblower Niagara Cruises on their must see attraction list in Niagara Falls, this season. Over 1 million visitors visited us and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the lives we’ve touched and experiences we created. Whether you’ve travelled 45,000 km by plane or drove 20 minutes by car we are thankful for your visit, kind testimonials and reviews and sharing your excitement on our amazing social media pages.  

If you missed Hornblower Niagara Cruises this season but had a chance to travel to New York or San Francisco, you may have experienced one of our sister companies on Statue Cruises or Alcatraz Cruises. Hornblower Co. is known for their impeccable on board service and hospitality. If you have travelled to the honeymoon capital this summer, whether it was once or twice you will find there was always something new and exciting being added throughout the season. For visitors planning their 2015 Niagara Falls trip, prepared to be EVEN MORE amazed. Visitors will find at Niagara’s biggest attraction more surprises in store, but you will have to visit to find out. All of these brand new amenities will give our guests the opportunity enjoy the comfort and conveniences on land before and after their experience.

Since opening in May 2014, Hornblower Niagara Cruises Sales team has visited dozens of countries for international travel and trade shows showcasing its brand on a global level. Locally, the San Francisco company welcomed the local public and industry partners in doing so it has increased the economic impact for tourism in the city.

Families with children, couples, backpackers and all who have travelled to Niagara’s newest experience have also shared their amazing experiences on the famous travel review site known to millions on Trip Advisor. Over one thousand reviews have come our way from guests who shared their extraordinary experiences.

See what some of our guests have said about us.


This is a must-see, must-do boat ride! My husband and I went as part of an activity package with Magnificent Tours so we didn’t have to wait but 5-10 minutes. Being up close to the Falls is an experience that I will never forget. It took my breath away. No regrets. I would go again and recommend it to everyone!

‘’Exciting View of the Falls’

This was an awesome way to view the falls. We had 4 kids ages 3-16 with us and they all enjoyed it. That had to be a first. We were upstairs at the back of the boat. I recommend getting near the railing as soon as you board because it fills up quick and you want a good view.


This was the best part about visiting the Falls on the Canadian side. We paid just about 20ish dollars but def well worth it. We recieved plastic ponchos but I believe getting wet is just part of the experience. It was beautiful and surreal! This is a MUST if you ever visit the falls!!

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No need to say bon voyage as we will be back next season as soon as you know it.

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