Hornblower Co. has boatloads to talk about! Hornblower Co., CEO & President, Terry MacRae was recently awarded the Anastasia K. Mann Leadership Award for his role and leadership in the hospitality and tourism industry across San Francisco. His colleagues at the Travel and Tourism Marketing Association recognized Terry on Wednesday, October 17, 2014 in Marina del Rey at Fisherman’s Village on board Hornblower’s ‘Entertainer’ vessel. Moving into Hornblower’s 35th year, Terry has set the bar high for world-class service and hospitality on the west coast and recently on the east coast.

Terry’s passion to build a sustainable hospitality brand came as an option when a two boat charter operations came for sale on the market. The idea could not be missed. With a dream and the right hardworking team in place, Hornblower was ready to set sail. The operation has since grew operating over 70 vessels in ten cities on the east and west coast including its most recent operation taking guests on a thrill of a lifetime to explore and experience a world-wide wonder in Niagara Falls, Canada. Hornblower Niagara Cruises joins the ports in New York City operating boat tours to the famous Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, to taking visitors on a ferry to one of the world’s most famous penitentiary’s, Alcatraz Cruises in sunny San Francisco. Terry’s accomplishments don’t end there as he not only operates the most established dining cruise and charter yacht company in the United States, but Hornblower also operates the only hybrid vessel in America. The vessel is power generated from the wind, solar, and electricity with some fuel making it a green and clean form of transportation that has also earned Terry the Green Business award to Alcatraz Cruises in 2008. Terry’s hard work and ingenuity earned him many other awards as well such as, ‘One of the Top 10 Attractions in San Francisco,’ ‘Venue of the Year,’ and ‘Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Finest Service Award’, and ‘Most Admired CEO by the San Francisco Business Times’ and many more. 

Terry’s recent recognition for Anastasia K. Mann Leadership Award left Terry to say the following, “There is no greater honor than to be part of a professional crew. It continues to be my privilege to grow and improve our industry for everyone concerned, in a sustainable manner, especially our passengers and guests.” Other such as, Joe D’Alessandro, President and CEO of SF Travel said, ‘”Terry is an icon of California tourism. Always proud of his San Francisco roots, Terry has extended the Hornblower brand across the state and across the country. He represents the very best of tourism, the lifeblood of the California economy.”

Not only was Terry honoured at the event, but also the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau, recipient of the 2014 TTMA Landmark Award.

Congratulations Terry MacRae!

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