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Skoler og universiteter

Make your school or university event in York unforgettable by hosting it on a private boat! We’ll add a touch of uniqueness to your prom, graduation, or educational tour. Inquire today and ensure a truly remarkable experience for your event. Delight in dining and dancing with the picturesque York backdrop. Whether it’s a field trip, prom night, or faculty gathering, create lasting memories for your students and staff. Choose us to provide an unparalleled experience in York!
  • Retirement Parties

    Celebrate retirement in style aboard our City Cruises vessels. Whether an intimate gathering or a grand affair, honour the retiree's journey with heartfelt speeches, joyful reminiscing, and laughter. Create a memorable event that pays tribute to their accomplishments and bids them farewell in style.
  • Seasonal Celebrations

    Embrace the magic of the festive season in York with an exquisite private boat rental! Delight in the enchanting allure of York's sparkling lights, as you relish a glass of champagne or treat yourself to a scrumptious Christmas dinner. Experience a wealth of onboard entertainment options, including live music and dancing, ensuring a truly memorable Christmas celebration with your cherished companions. Come aboard and create treasured memories that will make this holiday season in York truly unforgettable.
  • Genforeninger og alumner

    Gather your fellow classmates and make lasting memories by organising your reunion or Alumni event aboard one of our City Cruises vessels in York. Whether you prefer a casual gathering with drinks and canapés or an elegant sit-down dining affair complete with presentations and speeches, we'll ensure it becomes an event that will be reminisced and talked about until the next reunion. Create an unforgettable experience that will bring everyone together in celebration of your shared journey.

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