We managed to catch-up with Wally the Whale to get an inside scoop on Hornblower’s upcoming Blue Whale Watching season:

Hi, Wally! Welcome back to San Diego.
Thanks, man. Great to be here for the summer.

How long are you in town for?
Same as usual, June 24th till September 4th. That’s my season. Big ol’ blue boy’s back in town, folks!

Great. What’s the best way to get to see you?
Funny you should mention that. Those guys at Hornblower like to cruise out on the ocean to watch me do my thing. Hey, why not? I’m an impressive guy!

Yes, you are rather large for a fish.
Fish? I’m a mammal, dude! And, yeah, I’m enormous. One of my blood vessels is so huge that a child could swim through it.

You’re kidding, right? Is that whale humor?
No, I’m serious! Google it, bro.

Exactly how big are you?
Around 100 feet long, weighing in at 200 tons. My heart’s as big as a car.

Wow. They say you’re the heaviest living creature on the planet. Is that true?
You’d better believe it, baby. My tongue’s as heavy as an elephant.

That’s hard to imagine.
Then don’t try to imagine it, come out and see for yourself! I put on quite a show.

Cool. How do I reserve a ticket to cruise out and see you in the ocean?
Dude, I’m performing, I’m not selling the tickets. Call Hornblower Cruises at 1-800 ON THE BAY.

Can I book a ticket online, too?
Sure thing. It’s easy. Just go to www.hornblower.com. And you don’t have to splash out much cash to see me splash out a ton.

You mean 200 tons.
Yeah, okay, I could lose a few. But you try eating 8,000 pounds of krill every day then go step on the scale. #licensetokrill

Thanks, Wally.
Later, dude. I gotta show to do.

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