Holding team meetings outside the office is an excellent way to break out of the typical routine the company has fallen into. Offsite meetings allow teams to bond in a new environment that usually lower stress, creating a more positive experience. The below list provides creative ideas for offsite meetings to help curate better relationships in the workplace.

There are a few reasons you may consider offsite meetings over meetings in the office. Having a team offsite meeting can provide the group with a new perspective, pretty views (depending on the location), and a positive attitude to bring back to the office.


What Are Offsite Meetings?

Offsite meetings are gatherings with team members that take place outside of the office. These are not typical meetings but are closer to team-building activities. Meetings offsite are held with specific intentions, like enhancing communication. The meetings can consist of whole teams, the whole company, or specific employees.


Fun Places to Hold Offsite Meetings

These locations will ensure your meetings outside the office are memorable and provide a fun environment for employees to gather.

People on a boat holding drinks.

فعاليات الشركات على الماء

Enjoying spending time with coworkers on a yacht is a great option for offsite meetings. Being on the water provides a relaxing atmosphere that provides a safe space for people to gather and discuss work. Corporate events on the water are great for any occasion, whether you’re looking to recognize employees for their achievements, team build, or have set the meeting for another purpose.

This event typically includes a meal, drinks, and excellent views. There are different boats that can all hold various numbers of people, so it’s a great choice for groups of all sizes. Larger yachts can usually hold up to about 1,000 people.


Go to an Escape Room

Escape rooms are excellent ways to team build, as they allow for creative thinking and group problem-solving. They encourage communication, working together, and many other positive team benefits.

Escape rooms include a host who will provide the guidelines and goals for the activity. Then, the team is expected to solve a puzzle within a certain timeframe to escape the room. This activity is best for smaller groups (10 or less). Escape rooms are quite popular, so there will likely be at least one option nearby your office that you can book.


Drive to a Local Movie Theater

Movie theaters may not seem like an ideal gathering location for team building or meetings. However, if your company rents out an entire theater, it allows employees to meet together in a fun way.

There are multiple ways to bond before the movie, such as gathering for dinner nearby. While employees enjoy the meal, you can discuss accomplishments to help boost team morale, team focus, and employee engagement for the entire team. Setting up team-building activities before the movie begins is also an excellent way to incorporate team-building into the offsite meeting agenda.

Paintball game

Break Into Teams for Paintball

Any meeting place that allows your team to work together in a competitive environment is a great option. Paintball requires teams to accomplish specific goals during the game (such as capturing the flag) that pushes team members to communicate effectively and problem solve. Competing together during a paintball game allows teams to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Plus, when you head to a paintball course, all the equipment is provided, so you don’t have to arrange anything else. Simply determine the teams beforehand, make the booking, and arrive with the team or teams at the paintball venue.


Head to the Park

Renting a pavilion at the local park or a picnic area at a nearby beach offers a delightful way to spend time with team members. Providing a relaxed environment where the team can bond and get to know each other. This is also a great place to practice team-building activities. Bring sufficient food to grill and drinks for the employees so everyone can enjoy the outing. You can also ask employees to bring side dishes or additional games to play.

Vegetables being prepped for cooking


Take a Group Cooking Class

Cooking classes provide many different benefits for a workplace environment. Team members enjoy being in a creative setting and eating tasty food at the end of the activity. Cooking together allows teams to have fun together, making it a morale-boosting activity.

You can also use cooking classes to help teach team members about other cultures and diversity. By selecting ethnic dishes to cook, your team will learn about cultures outside their own.


Set up a Field Day

Creating a field day for teams is a great way to help employees build a rapport with each other. Plus, it’s a fun, nostalgic activity allowing everyone to let their inner child out for the day. Field days can consist of many activities from kickball to races, a game of telephone, etc.

These games allow you to set up smaller teams of two people, larger teams, or to work together as a team to accomplish something. Using the activities to break your company into different team sizes, they can learn to work together in varying environments, such as one-on-one or larger group settings.


Go Hiking

Providing a beautiful setting where team members can bond is always an excellent option. Exercise can cause serotonin to release so that employees will have a more positive feeling toward coworkers and their workplace. It’s also a fun activity that helps boost morale and allows team members to communicate.

Finding a more challenging hike helps create the need for employees to solve problems individually and together. For example, you can set up little obstacles that employees need to solve throughout the hike, such as requiring employees to create a makeshift bridge to help team members cross a muddy area.

Hands holding cards for a game


Plan a Game Night

Setting up a game night filled with fun options also helps boost morale and encourages communication. This game night can consist of whatever games you have on hand. Or, you can ask each team member to bring their favorite games along with them. A meal or snacks and drinks are a great accompaniment to game night for your next offsite meeting.

FAQs – Offsite Meetings

Why should we consider an offsite meeting?
Offsite meetings offer a change of scenery that can rejuvenate teams, foster creativity, and encourage collaboration.

What are the main benefits of offsite meetings?
Offsite meetings can lead to increased productivity, improved team morale, enhanced creativity, and can provide facilities or experiences for team-building and brainstorming sessions.

How do we ensure the success of an offsite meeting?
Clear objectives, a well-planned agenda, and an inspiring location ensure the success of an offsite meeting.

Can offsite meetings cater to larger groups?
Yes, many offsite venues, including City Cruises, can host both small and large groups.

Are offsite meetings more expensive than regular meetings?
While some offsite venues might have additional costs, the benefits in terms of collaboration, creativity, and experience often outweigh these costs.

What makes City Cruises a unique venue for offsite meetings?
City Cruises offers an experience of hosting meetings on the water, with stunning views and a serene environment.

How many people can City Cruises accommodate for a meeting?
City Cruises has a variety of vessels for different group sizes, catering to both small teams and larger departments.

Can we have catering during our offsite meeting on City Cruises?
Yes, City Cruises offers a range of catering options, from light snacks to full meals. As well as beverages!

What if the weather is bad on the day of our meeting?
City Cruises boats have both indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure comfort regardless of the weather.

How can we book an offsite meeting with City Cruises?
Reach out to the City Cruises team through the website or by phone to guide you through the booking process.

Is there parking available for our attendees?
Parking options vary depending on the departure point, but recommendations or transportation arrangements can be provided.

Which cities offer offsite meetings with City Cruises?
City Cruises offers offsite meetings in the following cities:

  • بيركيلي
  • لونج بيتش
  • مارينا ديل ري
  • شاطئ نيوبورت
  • ساكرامينتو
  • سان دييغو
  • سان فرانسيسكو، كاليفورنيا
  • الإسكندرية
  • واشنطن العاصمة
  • بوسطن
  • شيكاغو
  • جيرسي سيتي
  • نيويورك
  • ويهوكين
  • فيلادلفيا
  • بالتيمور
  • نورفولك
  • غانانوكي
  • شلالات نياجرا
  • تورونتو
  • لندن
  • بول
  • يورك