“The two of us have a passion for event planning. We had some early concepts that as we investigated options, a more clear vision for the event developed.” —Drue

Dean and Drue’s wedding afforded them the opportunity to reconnect and make memories with their friends and family. As the wedding was not only a celebration of their own relationship, they also honored the people closest to them by creating a whole itinerary of events. “For the overwhelming majority of the 175 in attendance, we realized it meant airfare, hotel and rental cars,” says Drue. “Many had never been to California, let alone San Diego. With all this in mind, we decided to provide several days of events that would showcase San Diego, enable families to combine it with a SoCal vacation and to provide a memorable experience with its own uniqueness.”

Putting on the Ritz
Dean and Drue envisioned a red carpet themed wedding with all of its elegant trimmings of black ties, glamorous dresses and exquisite flower arrangements. For their guests, this meant taking time to get fancy.

Not Boring at All
Solemn affair? No. Not at all. The wedding party had a great time posing for photos.

Practice Makes Perfect
The best man practices his speech.

The Black Tie Follies
If what Oscar Wilde once said is true, “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when flowers are dead”, Drue and Dean can expect to see a garden brimming with flowers.

Dance, Dance, Dance
The couple who dances together stays together.

Dean and Drue’s wedding ended on a very musical note. Punctuated with gorgeous flowers, the room was electric with people on the dance floor and the excitement from the wedding. Dean and Drue’s music together will surely last and bring happiness to those around them.


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