It’s a common question asked by many, ‘Do people get married aboard the boats at Hornblower Niagara Cruises?’ The answer is yes they do! If you are like many who have seen the episode from NBC’s ‘The Office’ then you will know what we are referring to. Our famous boat tour isn’t just famous for bringing guests as close as possible to the Falls, but it’s also famous for seeing many couples say ‘I do’ in front of 700 red ponchoed passengers. Not only can guests get married onboard they can also continue their joyous occasion on land under the beautiful Hornblower Private Event Marquee Tent.
The tent venue is known for welcoming Weddings, Special Events, Receptions, Bridal Showers, Graduations and pretty much any event you could imagine! With every planning of every event at Hornblower Niagara Cruises our amazing and talented Sales & Events Manager, Michele Taylor and her team will work with you to make your event a successful and memorable one!
We asked Michele some questions about planning events for one of Canada’s biggest tourism operations.
servers setting up tent
(Pictured Above: Private Event Marquee Tent with nautical decor)
badn performing live on stage
(Pictured Above: Rendez-vous Canada Welcome Reception featuring the ‘Mandavilles’ on stage)
guests eating and drinking up private event marquee tent
(Pictured Above: Private Event under the Private Event Marquee Tent)
Q: What types of events does Hornblower Niagara Cruises host?
A: We host all types of events from corporate functions, to a variety of social events, weddings and proms. Our event space is very unique located in the Niagara Gorge with the famous Falls as the backdrop. If you’re looking for an amazing experience, Hornblower Niagara Cruises is definitely the place to consider as it offers the look and feel of something new, spacious and elegant.
person taking a picture on their phone of a band performing live
Q: What was your favourite event you have planned so far?
A: Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) was our first largest event and it was fantastic one!  With 1,500 people it allowed us to showcase what we can do for the international tour and travel market. The venue was able to handle the large numbers and featured award-winning Canadian bands, The Trews and The Mandevilles.  We were able to offer evening cruises throughout the evening which was a great spot to watch the evening fireworks show. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and are still talking about it till this day.
guests dancing under open sky and tent
Q: How big are the tents?
A: The Visitor Pavilion Tent is 88 ‘ X 48′ and the Private Marquee Event Tent is 33′ X 60’. Both tents are “Sperry Tents” and have no obtrusive pillars. The detailed craftsmanship of the canopies reflects the importance of all occasions.
Q: As a Sales & Events Manager do you follow Pinterest for decor inspired ideas?
A: Yes I do! Hornblower Niagara Cruises 萍水相逢 boards have amazing ideas that are great for nautical and non-nautical events. It’s definitely worth seeing for yourself
bride and groom kissing on boat
Q: How many couples have gotten married on our boats?
A: A lot!! The bride and groom can purchase their own tickets and board the cruise with the Officiant. Many of times this has happened when the Officiant would marry the lucky couple in front of the passengers. The Fireworks Cruise is a very popular wedding ceremony option for the bride and groom. Couples who also want to incorporate a reception after the cruise have the option of booking the Private Event Marquee Tent. See pictures of those who said ‘I Do’ on board our boats.
desserts on table
Q: Tell me about the Private Charter.
A:  We have an amazing private charter jet boat for groups up to 140 people. The ‘Niagara Guardian’ Charter can be arranged within a few days’ notice. Private Charters are great for groups looking for a private onboard experience. See some pictures of the Niagara Guardian.
Private Charter (‘Niagara Guardian’)

  • Accommodates up to 145 passengers
  • Open-top, seated jet boat experience
  • Exclusive feel

Catamarans (‘Niagara Wonder’ or ‘Niagara Thunder’)

  • Accommodates up to 700 passengers
  • Dry viewing area
  • Great for mingling during the cruise
  • Licensed on-board bar service
  • Customized music selections available

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