After a long day of work there is nothing better than being greeted with a big slobbery kiss at the front door. They jump up on us leaving claw marks along the way, and most importantly cover our work clothes in hair. Yes, I am talking about those furry four legged best friends that we all have. Dogs have an ability to make us smile no matter what happened earlier that day. So why not spend your day off with your pooch aboard a Hornblower Cruise. June 22, 2014 is Dog Day on the Bay so grab your dogs, leashes, poop bags, and book now!

We have thought of everything to ensure that this special event has everything you and your dog could possibly want or need. For you humans coming aboard you will be able to enjoy, a gourmet breakfast buffet with a wide array of delectable dishes, astonishing views of San Francisco and Alcatraz, bottomless champagne, a picture that will convincingly prove that all owners look like their dogs, and priceless memories with your pup! As for our honorary guests they will be as pampered as if they were in living in the Hamptons. There will be vitamin-enriched water, a spread of delicious dog treats ranging from crunchy peanut butter to mouthwatering salmon, and a poop deck where your dog can relieve him/herself with a sea salt ocean breeze whipping through his/her ears. Dog Day on the Bay is a pawsitively great way to spend your weekend!

If you still are not convinced that this is best possible way you could be spending June 22 with your dog and tons of other cute puppies then I just have one more thing that might change your mind. The San Francisco SPCA is also hosting this event, and proceeds will help support their Puppy Dog Tales Program. This program promotes literacy by helping at risk children learn to read. Instead of having the pressure of reading in class or even to an adult, the kids get to read to a therapy dog. They help the children feel safe and more comfortable. The SPCA Puppy Dog Tales is an absolutely wonderful program that helps the kids in San Francisco that need it most. Not only is Dog Day on the Bay a whole lot of fun, but it also supports the SPCA. So book now, and enjoy an amazing experience like no other on the Bay with your pooch!


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