Линдси и Майк поженились 1 сентября. Церемония была проведена на выезде в Ботаническом саду Калифорнийского университета в Беркли. После того, как они обменялись "Я согласен", счастливая пара и 70 гостей отправились на пристань Беркли, где они сели на судно Sunset Hornblower для свадебного приема. Они провели вечер, любуясь панорамой залива Сан-Франциско с носа судна и танцуя всю ночь напролет, пока солнце садилось над городом.

Yacht: Sunset Hornblower

Как вы познакомились?

Lindsey: I met Mike on my first day of college. We had the same on-campus job as Event Staff for the University of Minnesota Athletic Department. He was a year ahead of me and I was placed next to him to learn from the experienced ticket-taker he was. It was a double-header, so we had plenty of time to get to know each other.

Ты знала, что он собирается сделать предложение?

Lindsey: He didn’t even know!

Расскажите нам историю о том, как вы обручились.

Mike: We were on vacation in Switzerland and we took a day trip up to the top Mt. Pilatus in the Swiss Alps. I honestly did not have plans to propose there, but I was so overcome by the beauty of where we were that I had to ask her to marry me then and there. I didn’t have a ring, so she didn’t think I was serious at first, but after a few moments, she knew I was serious about it.

Lindsey: Just as our train down the mountain was about to depart he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” I assumed he was joking and was making us late for our train – I told him to get up and that people were starting to look. When I locked eyes with him again, I knew he was serious. I said yes and there were a few happy tears from both of us. Our next stop on vacation was to Florence, where we picked out a ring from a gold shop on the famous Ponte Vecchio.

Что вы почувствовали, когда впервые увидели Линдси в платье?

Mike: I could not of been happier. Our wedding ceremony was outside in the Redwood Grove at the UC-Berkeley Botanical Garden, so we were surrounded by magnificent nature. Her dress fit perfectly with our surroundings and made her look like a princess.

Что вы чувствовали, когда шли к алтарю?

Lindsey: With my mom and dad by my side, I walked through the fairytale-like redwoods feeling surrounded by so much love from all of our friends and family. Seeing Mike standing there smiling at me I couldn’t help feeling overwhelming happiness.

Вы сразу начали планировать свадьбу?

Lindsey: At the time that we got engaged, Mike was just finishing up his PhD and had just accepted a job in the Bay Area, so we waited until we settled in out here to start our planning.

Как вы балансировали между принятием решений?

Mike: I think our situation is a bit unique since Lindsey often plans large events professionally. Since she is so good at organizing it was hard for me to keep up at times, but I did my best to contribute as much as I could when the opportunity presented itself.

Что вы чувствовали, когда входили на борт самолета на свадебное торжество?

Mike: We were both so happy when we got on the boat. It looked fantastic, and all our friends and family were so excited to get on the boat and out into the bay. One of my favorite things about having our reception on the boat was how much all of our guests loved it. Everyone has been to a lot of weddings and knowing that we were able to give our guests, who traveled from far away, a unique and memorable experience meant a lot to me.

Lindsey: I felt like we were about to embark on a wonderful adventure. We watched the kids’ faces light up as they explored the boat, just as much as the adults.

Были ли какие-то моменты, которые особенно запомнились на вашей свадьбе или приеме?

Lindsey: We were able to pull into McCovey Cove just as the National Anthem was playing and the sun was setting before the Giants first pitch. My father-in-law looked at me and said, this is really cool. It was then that it really sunk in that this experience was truly special, not just for us.

Mike: That day had a beautiful sunset over Marin. Watching the sun slowly go down over the bay with all the people I care most about in this world (most importantly my wife!) could never be matched.

Почему вы решили устроить прием у Хорнблауэра?

Lindsey: Knowing that our friends and family are scattered across the country and would all be traveling to the Bay Area, we wanted to find a venue for about 70 people that provided a uniquely-SF experience. We found Hornblower and they happened to have an opportunity for engaged couples to take a brunch cruise. We had the absolute best time and knew that we wanted to share this experience with our friends and family.

Mike: We had an absolute blast on our complimentary trip with Hornblower. The convenience of working with Hornblower and the total package service sealed the deal.




Что было самым лучшим в этот день?

В жаркий сентябрьский день лучшей частью дня было наблюдение за ярко-красным закатом за мостом "Золотые ворота" с середины залива при пронизывающем ветре. Этот момент просто невозможно воссоздать.

И наконец, каким словом вы бы описали день вашей свадьбы?

Lindsey: Fairytale

Mike: Stunning!

Dress: Emerald City Gowns

Suit: J. Crew

Hair & Makeup: BeGlammed

Flowers: Whole Foods Berkeley

Cake: Susiecakes

Photography: George Street Photo & Video

Yacht: Sunset

Venue: Hornblower Cruises and Events

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