Although summer is generally considered the “high season” for Niagara Falls tourism, autumn brings scores of visitors each year. Shorter lines at attractions, gorgeous fall colours, and festivals galore make this a prime destination for fall visitors. But is September, October, or November the right time for you to book your trip to Niagara? What types of events, weather, and attractions can you expect as the season wears on? Here’s what you need to know when planning an autumn trip to Niagara Falls.

Visitando as Cataratas do Niágara em Setembro

Planning to visit Niagara Falls around the autumn equinox? You’re in luck. September is a popular month for visitors, and for good reason – crowds are smaller than in July and August, while the weather typically remains pleasant (though it is a bit cooler than in August, with a slight increase in rain). Late September is also a great time to enjoy a fair or festival in the greater Niagara region, including one of the biggest wine events of the year offering comfortable conditions for outdoor activities. Most attractions are still open and tourists and locals can make the most out of shorter lines and less chaotic conditions.

What to wear: The first part of September may as well be summer – while the breeze and precipitation pick up somewhat, temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) are common. A few cooler days and nippy nights do make layers advisable, but in most cases, lighter clothes will be just fine!

Eventos especiais e favoritos sazonais em meados de Setembro:

Pare numa Feira de Outono a caminho da (ou fora da) cidade. Ancaster, Wainfleet, Binbrook, Fort Erie, e West Niagara acolhem todos os meses de Setembro eventos agrícolas dinâmicos.

Desfrute das últimas semanas da estação do pátio num dos muitos restaurantes e bares únicos das Cataratas do Niágara

Saiam à água - alinhamento para a lenda de Hornblower Niagara Cruises passeios de barco tendem a encurtar em meados de Setembro, e a pesca no rio Niágara está no seu auge. Se gosta de velejar, esta é uma óptima altura para visitar!

Treat your palate at the popular Grape and Wine Festival, which takes place on the last two weekends of September. Vendors from across the region take over Montebello Park with food and wine tastings. Most Niagara wineries also serve up special tours and food pairings for the occasion. 

If you want to elevate your evening experience, the Mighty Niagara Falls makes the perfect backdrop for a special night of wine tasting followed by the rare opportunity to light up the falls in a magical array of your own colors with Niagara at Night: Wine Tasting and Illumination Tower Experience. You will meet your local guide as the sun begins its descent over the falls. You will enjoy breathtaking views on the outdoor deck as you hear about historical figures who stood in the same spot. Sample four hand-picked wines, locally grown and produced alongside mouthwatering appetizers. The next stop is the Niagara Falls Illumination Tower where you will meet the veteran Light Master who will share amazing tales dating back to the first lighting in 1860. Taking control of the lighting system and seeing them come to life will take your breath away. You will spend an evening making memories of a lifetime.

Visitando as Cataratas do Niágara em Outubro

Early October can be one of the most delightful times to visit Niagara Falls. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the Fall colours and be able to enjoy most of the area’s attractions before they close up for the season. Late October can be equally enjoyable; Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s Halloween hotspots, and there are many events and attractions leading up to October 31. Popular experiences like the Niagara Falls boat cruises and Journey Behind the Falls also remain open throughout the month.
What to wear: October is marked by temperate days and cool nights in Niagara, so bringing a sweater and a fall coat to layer up is a good idea. An umbrella or waterproof jacket is also worth packing, as it tends to rain a bit more frequently this time of year.

Favoritos sazonais e eventos especiais em Outubro:

Experimente o Halloween no Niágara! Destaques locais incluem Casa de ReivindicaçõesA maior atracção assombrada do Canadá (aberto de 28 de Setembro a 1 de Novembro), All Hallows Eve do Niagara Parks no Old Fort Erie, e uma apresentação anual ao vivo de Rocky Horror Picture Show Espectáculo apresentado por Oh Canada Eh.

Desfrute da época de colheita nas muitas bancas de beira de estrada, mercados de agricultores, e restaurantes da região.

Apanhar algumas das linhas mais curtas do ano nas populares atracções das Cataratas do Niágara. Os visitantes da Autumn Hornblower dizem-nos que a falta de multidões e o fácil acesso aos pontos turísticos de topo mais do que compensa o clima mais nippier em Outubro.

Be “wowed” by the autumn colours across Niagara. You don’t have to go far to see the gorgeous red, yellow, and orange tones across the region’s foliage – there are plenty of trees and views near Niagara Falls. Have a car and a few extra days? Ball’s Falls, wine-growing areas like Niagara-on-the-Lake, and parts of the Bruce Trail are all great spots to enjoy the scenery. 

Visitando as Cataratas do Niágara em Novembro

Is it worth visiting Niagara Falls in November? We think so! While summer and early autumn are more popular times to visit the region, the legendary waterfalls are a beautiful sight at any time of year. Several attractions are still in operation, especially during the first half of the month. If you arrive after November 15, many seasonal sites may be closed; however, you can more than fill your schedule with the many holiday festivities that pepper the region.
What to wear: Pack a light winter jacket in case of light snowfall or an evening chill, especially later in the month. While temperatures are typically lower this time of year, they can reach as high as 10 or 15 degrees Celsius (50-60 f) in the heat of the day, so layers are advisable.

Favoritos sazonais e eventos especiais em Novembro:

O Festival de Inverno das Luzes começa em meados de Novembro de cada ano. Com 8 quilómetros de exposições deslumbrantes, o espectáculo atrai mais de um milhão de visitantes todos os anos.

Desfrute de provas de vinho e comida com o Saboreie a Época evento nos fins de semana de Novembro. Desfrute de pares deslumbrantes de adegas de toda a região sem ter de competir com multidões de Verão!

Stay warm during your Niagara Falls boat cruise. Hornblower cruises typically run until mid-November, and the indoor viewing area makes it easy to enjoy this must-see attraction in any weather. 

Atracções das Cataratas do Niágara Must-See

Há algumas atracções que deve ver nas Cataratas do Niágara no Outono se visitar o lado canadiano, ajudando a criar uma experiência única à medida que explora o parque. Abaixo, encontrará algumas actividades a acrescentar ao seu itinerário durante a sua próxima viagem no Outono.

Viagem Atrás das Cataratas

Durante dias durante o Outono, quando o tempo estiver demasiado frio, considere fazer uma viagem autoguiada por trás das quedas. Este passeio permite-lhe explorar as grutas por trás das Cataratas do Niágara, oferecendo vistas incríveis a partir de uma perspectiva diferente.

No final do Viagem Atrás das CataratasO Convés de Observação, encontrará uma vista ainda mais incrível sobre as quedas.

Viagem de barco para a excursão às Cataratas

This is a must-do tour in Niagara Falls. Get up close as possible to the Falls on a boat tour with Niagara City Cruises.  

Se estiver do lado dos EUA, passeios de barco a jacto também estão disponíveis para experimentar! Estes passeios de barco são um grande momento para toda a família. Prepara-te para te molhares!

Central Eléctrica dos Parques do Niágara

O Central Eléctrica dos Parques do Niágara é outra grande opção a explorar durante os dias de chuva ou de queda mais fria. Esta central é uma atracção mais recente que oferece uma bela arquitectura românica, artefactos, exposições, e informação sobre esta central anteriormente em funcionamento.

Ao explorar a central eléctrica, aprenderá sobre como as quedas ajudaram a criar energia durante cerca de 100 anos.

Devo visitar as Cataratas do Niágara na Queda do Niágara?

The truth is, there is no “bad” time to visit Niagara Falls. The natural wonder is majestic 365 days a year. As long as there is no fog or storm in your way, you should have no problem admiring the waterfalls whenever you arrive.
That said, the full experience of Niagara Falls (including getting up close with a boat tour) is only available during certain months of the year. But, even with that restriction, there are many months to choose from!  “Open” season for Niagara City Cruises continues through November (weather depending), so you can check off all the quintessential Niagara experiences even with a later autumn visit. 
Bottom line: Visiting Niagara Falls between late September and November is a one-of-a-kind experience: the fall colours, Halloween festivities, and harvest flavours make it an excellent choice for a cozy getaway. With a bit of planning, autumn isn’t just an excellent time to see Niagara Falls – it is one of the best!


Is October a Good Month to Visit the Niagara Falls?
Yes, Niagara Falls in October is a spectacular sight. During this month, there are fewer crowds so that you can enjoy the attractions for longer in a calmer environment. The weather is typically around 60F, so it’s not too hot or cold as you explore the park and the falls. It’s also the perfect time to explore the area, as many fall festivals occur nearby Niagara Falls this month.

Is Niagara Falls Pretty in the Fall?
Yes, Niagara Falls is incredibly beautiful during the fall. The changing leaves help create a dramatic contrast between the waterfalls and the landscape in Niagara Falls Park. There are also quite a few activities to do in the fall, making it an excellent time to visit.

Quando é o Melhor Mês para Ir às Cataratas do Niágara?
O melhor mês para visitar as Cataratas do Niágara depende das suas intenções de viagem. Se procura actividades divertidas de Verão e não se importa com multidões maiores, gostará de ir às Cataratas do Niágara no Verão, durante a época alta.

Se quiser explorar o parque sem longas filas e sem o calor que o Verão traz, as quedas do Niágara no Outono são uma excelente opção. As Cataratas do Niágara, em Setembro e Outubro, são especialmente agradáveis.

Do hotel rates drop in the fall?

Hotel prices are dependent upon your travel dates and prices for a 3-star hotel will average between $70-$100 USD a night and will increase around Canadian Thanksgiving in October and American Thanksgiving in November.

Quantos dias precisa para ver as cataratas do Niágara?
Há tanto para fazer nas Cataratas do Niágara e arredores que uma estada de uma noite não o cortará. 2-3 noites é a quantidade de tempo ideal nas Cataratas do Niágara, uma vez que lhe permitirá ver as principais atracções do parque. Se tiver uma linha temporal flexível e puder ficar mais tempo, isso é ainda mais ideal, pois poderá verificar as atracções nas proximidades.

Se visitar as Cataratas do Niágara no Outono, vai querer acrescentar um dia para experimentar os festivais divertidos da região.

Original post date: October 29, 2019