Consisting of seven miles of beachfront on the Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk is a gorgeous place to live or work. Because beauty is part of the surroundings—it would be unfortunate for companies not to take advantage of them. For those seeking a Norfolk corporate event venue, there’s no reason to settle for something lackluster. Of course, figuring out where to host corporate events in Norfolk can be tricky if you think traditionally (i.e. a hotel conference room). Instead, opt for fun corporate event ideas in Norfolk because finding them can be easy when you decide to think outside the boardroom. For example, when we talk about City Cruises, we can deliver corporate events in Norfolk that are designed to sail toward success. By providing exquisite views of the area and amenities that impress, City Cruises proves to be the ideal partner for outings attendees won’t forget.


The Uniqueness of City Cruises in Norfolk

porto de norfolkWith a stunning skyline and area attractions such as the world’s largest naval base, the USS Wisconsin battleship, local architecture, and landmarks including the Navy’s Atlantic Fleet, taking it all in from a City Cruises vessel is an innovative experience. Because we offer flexible packages and amenities, event organizers can cater their outings to meet specific needs and desires. And when attendees board a unique floating venue like ours, it’s bound to elicit excitement from being in a space that’s much more comfortable and relaxing than typical office environments, or conference rooms that aren’t particularly appealing.


Types of Corporate Events City Cruises Can Accommodate in Norfolk 

When it comes to corporate events, venues that can accommodate organizer requirements are a crucial draw because group sizes can vary along with the necessary amenities. That’s where City Cruises proves we’re a cut above the rest. We can cater to numerous types of gatherings, from employee outings and client entertainment to corporate meetings, special events, and holiday parties.


diversão de aniversário num cruzeiro em norfolk


Exploring the Amenities  for Corporate Events

Let’s face it: Amenities can make or break an event. If you don’t offer services that wow your guests, you might end up with an experience no one wants to attend. When you partner with City Cruises it’s easy to elevate the outing by including enticing chef-prepared menu options and full bar service, as well as activities, entertainment, and music on board. Plus, the skyline views are a big bonus in and of themselves. The fact that they can be taken in from the comfortable spaces of climate-controlled interiors and open-air outdoor decks is an amazing addition to any gathering. City Cruises also features all-inclusive packages and experiences can be customized to accommodate a range of budgets and group sizes to suit specific needs.


Benefits of Hosting Corporate Events with City Cruises in Norfolk

If there’s a recipe for success in corporate event planning, we’d say there are three objectives to keep in mind: providing unforgettable experiences, tailoring packages for different budgets, and offering outstanding hospitality. City Cruises knows this is true because we live and breathe it every day by developing custom packages for a variety of clients in different industries. To explore our Norfolk city fleet is to discover stylish and comfortable vessels that feature amenities guests will really savor including activities and entertainment as well as delectable food and beverage options.


Cruising Through Norfolk

On a City Cruises outing, the route along the Elizabeth River is a gorgeous sight to see. The experience offers an up-close view of the city, its area attractions, and exquisite surroundings people love to see in their sightlines. Whether the goal is to enhance employment engagement or boost morale, provide clients with an experience they’ll truly appreciate, or offer event attendees an unforgettable experience, City Cruises can deliver something truly unique.




Ready, Set, Book

The bottom line? Corporate events aren’t easy to plan—especially if those in charge of these gatherings are hoping to wow guests. Whether the goal is to boost morale, foster employment engagement, or just provide people with a fun and festive way to celebrate working together, a City Cruises experience can achieve them all. Ideal for corporate events in Norfolk where organizers are seeking a unique venue, top-notch amenities, beautiful surroundings, and excellent hospitality, partnering with us is an easy decision to make. Plus, our ease of booking makes it really simple to seal the deal. Just fill out this form and an event planner will contact you ready to begin the planning process of making your next event one to remember. All you have to do is select the date, make a reservation, and get ready for an unforgettable event!