Chicago is an amazing place to live—and work. In fact, because there is so much to see and do, it’s difficult for companies located in the city to determine which meeting spaces in Chicago work best for a corporate gathering. When it comes to an event venue in Chicago, you have to be selective with the location so that people will be inspired and excited to attend. But a Chicago corporate event venue shouldn’t just be what we traditionally think of (i.e. a conference room in an upscale hotel). Since the city is located right on the water, surrounded by exquisite architecture and natural beauty, where to host corporate events in Chicago seems pretty obvious to us – on the water!


Setting the Stage with City Cruises in Chicago

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When it comes to meetings the goal is clear: companies want to achieve something they haven’t done before, whether that’s employee appreciation and bonding, going above and beyond for clients, or inspiring teams to innovate on their current and future projects. The uniqueness of City Cruises for meetings is the spectacular views of the Chicago skyline (and its amazing accompanying architecture), vibrant fresh air and calming waterside breezes, exceptional customer service, and top-notch amenities that take attendees away from the everyday. Also, the novelty of a floating meeting space is a huge conversation starter. How many people can say they attended a product launch on Lake Michigan or discussed quarterly financials from the comfort of a boat cruise? Let’s not forget the fact that City Cruises offers customizable packages and amenities so hosts can cater any event to their specific needs and desires.


The City Cruises Meeting Experience

Chicago is beloved for its exquisite skyline and natural beauty with Lake Michigan and the Chicago River as two prime examples. Among exquisite blue waters and scenic surroundings, Chicago sites are easy to see from our boats’ climate-controlled interiors or open-air outdoor decks—but of course, those aren’t the only benefits. If the event calls for them, chef-prepared menu options are available to enjoy along with full bar service, entertainment, activities, and music on board.


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Types of Meetings or Events City Cruises Can Accommodate

What’s ideal about City Cruises as a meeting space and venue is that we can accommodate whatever you plan to host. Events can range from team meetings and workshops to motivate employees and get missions accomplished, or they could be for client meetings and presentations when you want to make the experience both impressive and memorable. Meanwhile, corporate conferences and seminars often focus on getting attendees excited about what’s being presented, but that can be challenging in a dull room unlike the excitement stirred up with an off-land excursion. When it comes to creating buzz for product launches and press events, social media posts will be plentiful when they take place on the water featuring a backdrop with unforgettable views.


Why Choose City Cruises for Your Meeting in Chicago

Chicago City Cruises Spirit of Chicago barco com skyline em fundoWhen you explore our Chicago city fleet, you’ll discover some of the largest and most luxurious vessels in class. Because they offer comfortable and lavish spaces it’s easy for guests onboard to feel inspired. It’s well known that new and unique environments help spark creativity and enhance idea generation for employees, and an unconventional venue is something clients, partners, and event attendees will talk about for a long time to come. Plus, the atmosphere is relaxing enough for everyone to enjoy each other’s company, which for companies can help foster team building, boost morale, enhance partnerships, and increase networking opportunities.


Customizing Your Meeting Venue with City Cruises

Meetings come in all shapes and sizes. Groups can be small or large and require different amenities to make the most of the time at hand. Here’s where City Cruises can really seal the deal. With adaptable spaces catering to a range of different group sizes, finding the right size boat is a simple process. Additionally, we can support all of your presentation needs with the right technology and equipment for your outing. City Cruises also offers additional services from activities and entertainment to music on board, which can help set the mood and make the most of the occasion.


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Ready, Set, Book

Between the spectacular skyline views and the numerous amenities City Cruises provides, it’s obvious that our vessels are the perfect unique meeting space for those in Chicago. Whether you opt to select all-inclusive packages or customize your own, we have you covered. All you have to do is begin booking. Just fill out this form and an event planner will contact you ready to begin the planning process of making your next event one to remember. All you have to do is select the date, make a reservation, and get ready for an unforgettable event! Then enjoy amenities and packages designed with hospitality in mind, including breathtaking sights, enticing food and beverage, and exciting entertainment.