A View Unlike Any Other

See Niagara Falls and the Great Gorge like never before!

Niagara City Cruises has brought a piece of history back to the Niagara Gorge!

In 1894, the Niagara Parks and River Railway first opened the Clifton Incline Railway. Now, over 28 years after the original cars ceased operations, Niagara City Cruises anchored by Horblower, teamed up with AnCam Solutions Company of Oakville, Ontario, to make something old new again. From 2017 to 2019, we constructed, installed, and launched two state-of-the-art funicular cars that now operate along the Great Gorge wall. Extra care was taken during construction not to disturb the stratified walls of the gorge, or it’s vegetation, preserving the natural flora and fauna.

Today, the modern Funicular transports visitors along the 18,000-year-old rock walls of the Niagara Gorge to and from the boat boarding area. With a total distance of 56 m or 185 feet, our funicular is equal to an elevator approximately 19 stories tall but on an angle.

The temperature-controlled glass-enclosed cars feature audio commentary and priority seating. They also give riders unobstructed panoramic views of the Canadian Horseshoe and American Falls, as well as convenient access to our Riverside Patio and boarding area. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure you don’t want to miss!

What's Included?

  • Convenient Transportation (to/from our Riverside Patio and Boarding area)
  • Comfortable Climate-controlled (protect against the weather)
  • Incredible Views
  • Audio Commentary
  • Kebolehcapaian kerusi roda


Access on the Niagara City Cruises Funicular is not included in all ticket purchases and will only be available subject to operational needs, at the sole discretion of management.

Funicular Hours of Operation

Dates Funicular Opens Funicular Closes
* Please note we are CURRENTLY CLOSED. Opening Date TBD. Follow us on Facebook for updates.
For details on our tours and cruises please visit our Schedule Page.

Did You Know?

The basic idea of a Funicular operation (sometimes referred to as an Incline Railway) is that two cars are always attached to each other by a cable, which runs through a pulley at the top of the slope. Counterbalancing of the two cars, with one going up and one going down, minimizes the energy needed to lift the car going up. Therefore, the Funicular are one of the most energy-efficient modes of transport out there.

Additional Information

  • All Funicular passengers and carry-on items will be subject to search.
  • Acceptable luggage/carry-on items include a purse, camera bag, small carry-on or backpack (with no wheels) or small to midsize infant stroller.
  • Any luggage item larger than 36cm (14”) x 23cm (9”) x 56cm (22”) is not permitted on Niagara City Cruises property.
  • At its sole discretion, Niagara City Cruises reserves the right to provide alternative means of transportation to the Lower Landing and boarding area. In the event that the Funicular is not available for use, no refunds shall be issued.