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What makes City Cruises' New Year's lunch in Chicago special compared to others?

City Cruises’ New Year’s lunch in Chicago offers a one-of-a-kind experience by allowing guests to celebrate the impending new year under the midday sun. The cruise pairs the iconic Chicago skyline with a delectable plated lunch menu prepared by our chef, all while floating on the picturesque Chicago River. This combination of culinary delight and scenic beauty sets our cruise apart from typical city-based celebrations. 

Can I book a private table for the New Year's lunch cruise in Chicago?

The details provided do not specify private table booking, but traditionally, City Cruises provides a seating arrangement that caters to the party size of the guests. 

Is there a dance floor or DJ on the NYE lunch cruise in Chicago?

There is live entertainment onboard, including a lively DJ. The ambient beats underscoring the narrated architectural highlights promise a lively atmosphere. 

What sights can you see on a NYE lunch cruise in Chicago?

On this cruise, guests will be treated to scenic views of the Chicago skyline and the architectural marvels that line the Chicago River. The narration provides insight into these structures, enriching the experience. 

Are food and drinks served on the NYE lunch?

Yes, a plated lunch is part of the cruise experience. Unlimited coffee, as well as hot and iced tea, are available for guests. Alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, wines, and beers, are available for purchase. 

Why is City Cruises the best option to celebrate going into 2024?

City Cruises provides an unparalleled experience by merging the magic of the Chicago River’s views with fine dining. With top-notch service, engaging architectural narration, and live entertainment, it offers a distinctive way to celebrate. Every detail is designed for guests to enjoy and remember, making City Cruises an ideal choice for ringing in 2024.