There is nothing quite like a wedding on the water, and with City Cruises, your dream wedding becomes a reality. From panoramic views to gourmet dining, a yacht wedding on the Chicago River aboard the Odyssey Chicago River is an unparalleled experience. Delve into everything that makes a wedding on the water so enchanting, taking inspiration from Battsooj and Michael’s wedding day on September 16, 2023. We invite you to envision your special day as you read along.

Beyond Convenience: Getting Ready Steps Away from Your Venue

Nestled in the heart of downtown Chicago, the Odyssey Chicago River offers a prime location and a chance to craft unforgettable moments at a nearby hotel. The boat finds itself on the River Esplanade – between neighborhoods River North, the Loop, and Streeterville. This proximity goes beyond convenience; it is about savoring precious pre-wedding moments with your family and friends against the backdrop of the city skyline.

Battsooj and Michael reserved a block for their family and friends at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk. Being close to the wedding venue created a seamless wedding day, eliminating concerns about transportation and rigid timetables. Imagine the laughter echoing through the hotel corridors as bridesmaids sip champagne, overlooking the bustling city while preparing for the big day. The Odyssey Chicago River and Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk is the perfect way to weave the magic of anticipation and joy into every minute leading up to your grand celebration.


Wedding Photography with Picture-Perfect Spots

On your big day, ease the stress of traveling from location to location to get good pictures with scenic backdrops. When you have your wedding on the Odyssey Chicago River, you will have quick access to many of Chicago’s most famous landmarks. The vessel’s docking location is surrounded by iconic Chicago architecture. This became the perfect stage for Battsooj and Michael, and their loved ones. Multiple backdrop options within the same location await you – from the towering skyscrapers to the serene blue waters, each view is distinctive, as exemplified by our featured couple’s picturesque moments.

The Odyssey Chicago River is not only located on the gorgeous river walk with tons of photo-ready spots, but it is also just steps from Chicago’s iconic Magnificent Mile, with notable landmarks like the Wrigley Building, the Tribune Tower, and the DuSable Bridge. 

Driving just six minutes away from the boat lies Millennium Park, the ultimate place for capturing pictures in front of Cloud Gate, commonly known as The Bean, or the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Create photo memories that will last a lifetime, and then hop aboard to commence the wedding festivities. This serves as the perfect backdrop to your love story.

Ceremony: Saying ‘I Do’ Against the Skyline

Picture reciting your vows dockside on the bow of the Odyssey Chicago River, the city skyline painting a breathtaking backdrop to your promises. The intimacy of this moment is the perfect place to say your I-Dos. Customize the seating and decorations of the aisle as you see fit to set the scene for the beginning of your love story.

The best part about having your wedding ceremony on the bow is that the cocktail hour and reception are right inside, creating a perfect way to transition from your nuptials to the next chapter of your wedding, with all your loved ones right next to you. 

A Panorama of Love: 360 Degrees of Romantic Scenery

Choosing the Odyssey Chicago River provides you with a panorama of stunning views. Inside the vessel, the vistas are breathtaking, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around and offer an uninterrupted 360-degree spectacle of Chicago’s beauty. Every glance encompasses architectural marvels that embellish the skyline, accompanied by the scenic journey through the meandering branches of the Chicago River.

Simultaneously, from the outer decks, the views continuously transform as you cruise, offering an array of seemingly endless photo backdrops. The journey unfolds against the city lights, creating a perfect blend of love and urban elegance within the heart of Chicago.

Cruising all year round, the climate-controlled vessel makes for an excellent wedding venue for any season, whether you’re planning a winter wonderland or a summer celebration. 

A Culinary Voyage: From Brunch to Premium Dinners

Prepare your palate for an exquisite culinary voyage on the Odyssey Chicago River. Crafted by talented chefs, the menus range from a delectable brunch with sweet and savory options to upscale dinners that elevate your celebration. The culinary experience will have you and your guest savoring each bite in the company of loved ones as you sail into forever.

Your wedding feast can vary depending on the time of your cruise. From the delightful brunch, setting the tone for the day, to the starlit dinners that mark the pinnacle of your celebration, each dish is a delicious way to celebrate your union. In the mood for a late-night snack? Serve your guests light bites towards the end of your event – the perfect way to wrap up this celebratory night. 

Battsooj and Michael, our featured couple, carefully selected a dinner menu for the celebration. The chef-prepared fresh cuisine highlighted our fall menu, offering a delightful array of autumn flavors to suit everyone’s palate.

Entertainment: Crafting the Perfect Melody

As you sail into wedded bliss, City Cruises ensures your journey is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. Our onsite DJ will set the mood, with the music of your choice, whether you want top hits or slow jams, creating a soundtrack that echoes the emotions of your special day.

Prefer live music? Odyssey Chicago River has a history of hosting live musicians onboard, providing an unforgettable atmosphere over the years. Our featured couple, Battsooj and Michael, enjoyed the enchanting sounds of a pianist and a violinist, making for the perfect soundtrack for their big day. 

You can enhance your event by booking special entertainment upgrades with us. Our event coordinators are here to assist in curating the perfect ambiance with our vendors – allow us to do the heavy lifting. Whether it’s live music or alternative entertainment, we’re here to help you create an unforgettable experience for your celebration. 

Customizations: Personalized Touches on the Odyssey

The Odyssey Chicago River is yours to decorate to your ideal standards. Customize the space with personal touches, as seen in our featured wedding with custom Coca-Cola bottles, white flowers, and elegant linens. Transform the Odyssey River into your wedding oasis, a space that reflects your unique love and journey.

Your love story deserves a unique environment, and the Odyssey Chicago River provides the canvas. Whether it’s custom decor, personalized tokens, or thematic elements, the venue becomes an extension of your love story. Regardless of the décor you envision, the Odyssey Chicago River will come with its’ upscale adornments, such as fresh-cut flowers, linens, and elegant place settings. 

Dance Under the Stars as You Cruise into Forever

The night is not over just yet. After your beautiful ceremony, indulge in plated meals and heartfelt family speeches. Then it’s time to step onto the dance floor and celebrate your wedding in style. The Odyssey Chicago River offers easy customization to accommodate a spacious dance floor situated perfectly in the heart of the boat. Here, you can forge enduring memories with your loved ones—whether it’s the unforgettable first dance, a heartfelt slow dance with your parents, or showcasing your best moves with friends and family. The dance floor is your stage to celebrate the union of your matrimony with the joyous rhythms of celebration.

Battsooj and Michael turned their evening into an energetic and photo-worthy dance party, showcasing their vibrant celebration and creating a dynamic atmosphere filled with energy and unforgettable moments.


Embark on Forever aboard the Odyssey Chicago River

The Odyssey Chicago River is a standout venue for couples wanting a special wedding. Located in downtown Chicago, it’s convenient and offers a beautiful backdrop of the city skyline. From being on the River Esplanade close to landmarks and premium hotels to the amazing views through a glass-enclosed vessel sailing away to endless new photo ops, every part of the venue makes for a unique and immersive celebration.

The food experience on the Odyssey will not disappoint, with a variety of menus – from brunch to upscale dinners, all prepared by trained chefs and customized to your needs. Entertainment seamlessly integrates into the experience, offering choices between an onsite DJ and live musicians, ensuring a harmonious soundtrack for the couples’ special day.

The ceremony on the vessel bow, surrounded by the city skyline, adds a special touch to saying vows, smoothly moving into the cocktail hour and reception. Personalization is key at the Odyssey Chicago River, letting couples add their unique story through custom decorations and themes that make the venue truly theirs.

A wedding on the water is an event like no other. You and your loved ones will have an amazing time aboard the most unique venue in the city. Interested in learning more? Our dedicated event coordinators will walk you through every step of planning your big day and will be there to assist you from beginning to end. Book today!