If you’re on the fence about where to host corporate events in New York City, you’ve come to the right place. Finding meeting spaces in New York doesn’t have to be tough — in fact, when you book with City Cruises, your New York corporate event venue search will be totally hassle-free. Not only that, setting the stage with a City Cruises yacht makes entertaining high-level clients and closing deals easier and more fun than ever before. There’s no better way to experience a city than on the water, and your floating event venue in New York City is sure to provide an incredible experience with even better views of the Big Apple’s iconic skyline.


Book a City Cruises Yacht for Meetings Spaces and Event Venues

نيويوركRight off the bat, you’re going to experience having a meeting in New York City like never before — after all, how many times have you been in a meeting venue that floats? And, while there’s also something to be said for the fun novelty of a floating meeting space, you’ll also be wowed by the variety of customizable packages and plans that رحلات المدينة has to offer, which makes your meeting or event feel specifically tailored to your individual needs — because, well, it is! Depending on your required space size and budget, you can rent out an entire vessel, an entire deck, or just a large table to accommodate your group. And that’s just the beginning of the customization!


The City Cruises Meeting Experience in New York City

We’ve all seen pictures of the world-famous New York City skyline, but you haven’t really experienced it until you’ve seen it from the water. Sailing past the Statue of Liberty, under iconic bridges, and in the shadows of some of the most impressive buildings on the planet is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that’s hard to pass up. You’ll also be sailing in style as you enjoy chef-prepared menus, full bar options, and on-board entertainment from the temperate, climate-controlled interior and gorgeous, open-air outdoor decks. Did we happen to mention that this is all during a corporate event? When using a City Cruises yacht for your meeting space or venue, the options and benefits are endless.


People cheering on the Bateaux with Fall foliage and New York City skyline in background.


Types of Meetings City Cruises Can Accommodate in New York City

When it comes to your individual needs as a company, City Cruises is happy to work with you to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. Being able to cater to a wide range of meeting types, you’ll have no problem booking everything from team meetings, sales summits, and workshops to client meetings, presentations, corporate conferences, seminars, product launches, press events, and much more. Oh, and you should also check out some options for arranging an evening of celebratory post-meeting dinners and drinks!


Why Choose City Cruises for Your New York City Meeting Venue

The name of the game when you’re dealing with out-of-office meeting venues is sparking creativity. It’s tough to overstate the impact of unique environments on idea generation — there are some concepts and problem-solving ideas that just won’t come to you or your staff while you’re stuck in an office. It’s also important to consider the aspect of how impressive an unconventional venue is to both clients and partners, as well as how morale-boosting and the team-building opportunities you can have by taking your company out on the water.


Customizing Your Meeting Space  with City Cruises

نيويوركCity Cruises isn’t just for a few select companies, either. Boasting an impressive أسطول مدينة نيويورك, there are customizable venues that are adaptable for multiple group sizes. Plus, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of from start to finish. Technology and equipment to support any and all of your presentation needs can be easily arranged — along with personalized activities, entertainment, and music while you’re on board. With plenty of flexible packages and budget options, there’s a City Cruises experience for everyone.

Remember: This is New York we’re talking about, and if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, you’ve got to think big and have your audience in mind. That’s why, in addition to luxurious amenities, a world-class crew, and options tailored to your exact preferences, City Cruises is the ideal choice for meetings in New York City — because there’s nothing else quite like it. Taking your employees and clients out on the water and having the opportunity to do business with the iconic New York City skyline as a backdrop is a totally unique experience, unlike anything on dry land. Ready to embark on this journey? Simply complete the form, and one of our Event Planners will be in touch with you soon!