The smells of Crayola crayons and the distinct smell of basketball leather lingered the halls as members of the HNC team gathered at Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School, in Chippawa, Ontario for a very special assembly.

It seemed like a long time coming, but 300 students anxiously awaited the arrival of Mory DiMaurizio, General Manager, Lee Carr, Director of Sales & Marketing, Retail and Joanna Presti, Marketing Coordinator who visited the school during their ‘Spirit Day Assembly’ to present the students, teachers and staff with a keepsake for recently being one of two winners to the international ‘Name Our Boats’ contest. With more than 1,000 named submitted worldwide, Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary was one of the two winners who submitted the chosen name of ‘Niagara ‘Wonder.’


The day was filled with smiles, laughter and for some tears of happiness. Not only were students and staff presented a memorable gift, but each student was given a red poncho to show off their Niagara Cruises support.


The school will be visiting Hornblower Niagara Cruises for a day in June where students will have a chance to ride and tour the Niagara Wonder, meet the captain and crew and learn first hand about the history of Niagara Falls.  


A big thank you to all the friendly staff and teachers who welcomed us with open arms. We can’t wait to welcome you to Hornblower Niagara Cruises in June 2014.


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