Each day hundreds of thousands of visitors travel to Niagara Falls, Canada to see and experience the unbelievable roar and feel from one of the world’s most natural wonders. Hundreds of tour groups and their tour operators flock to the Honeymoon Capital to experience fun-filled days and evening tours of the city.


Paradise Found Host interviews General Manager of Hornblower Niagara Cruises


Like most anxious travellers they will learn about destination packages through personal research or by visiting a travel agent. For some they may even learn about travels through GOGO Vacations online travel web series.This past Wednesday, Hornblower Niagara Cruises had the privilege in welcoming GOGO Vacations, one of the leading wholesalers of value and amenity-packed vacation packages. In 2013, GOGO Vacations launched it newest travel web series called, ‘Paradise Found’ starring Emmy Award Producer and Host, Ashley Colburn.


On July 30th, Ashley along with cameraman, Josh, GOGO Vacations, Marketing Coordinator Sarah and intern Becca were greeted by our Marketing team for an exclusive filming and tour of Hornblower Niagara Cruises and the thundering and oh-so famous Falls. Ashley who has covered dozens of destinations around the world was in awe when she came up close with the thundering waters for the first time.


Host of Paradise found aboard Hornblower Niagara Cruises daytime boat tour while being filming


What Is ‘Paradise Found?’

Paradise Found is a web series that began in 2013 for GOGO Vacations as a way to communicate to travel agents and travellers alike giving them the feel for different cultures,  accommodations, gastronomy and activities that each destination showcases. Like Hornblower Niagara Cruises blog GOGO Vacations blogs cover different topics including countries visited, traveller tips and what’s new & exciting occurring in the travel industry. Those looking to travel and getaway such as in an all inclusive resort or a romance getaway can find all the perfect recommendations through Paradise Found and GOGO Vacations blogs.

Ashley Colburn, ‘Paradise Found’ T.V. Host and Emmy Award Winner has a thirst for travelling as she has travelled to countries including Mexico, United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Some of the web series travels have also included experiences with different American and European cruise lines. ‘Paradise Found’ recently added Ontario, Canada to their country checklist as the web series recently visited Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s biggest city. Their visit to Canada wouldn’t be complete without a stop to Niagara Falls, Ontario and a journey aboard the 700-passenger catamaran with Hornblower Niagara Cruises.

Paradise Found In The Mist 

After exploring the lively sites and sounds of Toronto such as the CN Tower Edgewalk, Dundas Square, The Toronto Waterfront, St. Lawrence Market and Art Gallery of Ontario the film crew and host took a short 1.5 hour drive from the hustle and bustle of the city and arrived in Niagara Falls, Ontario. With less than 48 hours to spend in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, the team made a visit to the Hornblower Ticket Plaza at Hornblower Niagara Cruises where they were anxious to get on the boats and into the mist and who wouldn’t blame them. With high 80 degree temperatures the team was championing the heat on land while they interviewed Hornblower Niagara Cruises General Manager, Mory DiMaurizio about the #inthemist experience. Shortly after the interview the team found themselves on the famous boat experiencing a world wide natural wonder and surrounding geological wonders. With hands clutching tightly onto ponchos the team was overjoyed when they experienced the power and thrill of the mighty Canadian Horseshoe Falls. With dripping wet faces and gigantic grins it was evident that the film crew had a ton of fun while capturing the footage of the famous waterfalls.

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