In 2012, a group of adventurous friends faced a peculiar dilemma during a leisurely day along the Ouse River in York: should they dive into the refreshing waters or indulge in a mouthwatering BBQ feast? A daring thought crossed their minds – why not both? And so, with boundless creativity and a spark of audacity, they embarked on a journey that would birth The Legends of the Ouse.

The initial concept was simple: construct a floating BBQ and set sail down the River Ouse, enjoying the best of both worlds. Little did they know that this modest idea would evolve into an annual tradition that captures the hearts of locals and visitors alike. With each passing year, the adventure grew in scope and scale, fueled by a sense of camaraderie.

The Legends of the Ouse boat at sunsetFast forward to 2023, and The Legends of the Ouse has taken on a new form – one that’s bigger, bolder, and unmistakably redder. But this remarkable journey has never been a solitary endeavour. From its inception, the project has garnered incredible support from the local community and businesses throughout York. This year, The Legends of the Ouse is even more special because it has the support of a new sponsor: Du thuyền thành phố York. City Cruises is a local company that offers boat tours and other river-based experiences. This year the barge sports a retired red canopy donated from City Cruises.

You can’t help but be drawn to the vibrant energy of the Legends’ watercraft, a testament to the ingenuity of its founders. A uniquely designed floating barge, intended originally for private use, has become a beacon of summer joy for all who encounter it. Its distinctive features, including a spiral staircase leading to multiple levels and a giant netted canopy for lounging, are nothing short of enchanting.

The Legends of the Ouse boat lit up in the nightThe Legends’ journey isn’t without its challenges. Crafting the barge is a labour of love that demands meticulous attention and patience, especially as they face setbacks caused by the weather and unforeseen engine issues. But each hurdle is a testament to their determination and unwavering spirit.

The team’s dedication shines through, having poured months of effort into perfecting this annual spectacle. Yet, in the midst of all the revelry, there’s an altruistic purpose that underscores this adventure. The Legends of the Ouse have taken on the noble goal of raising at least £1,000 for the York Rescue Boat, a local charity that safeguards the well-being of those navigating the Ouse’s waters.

This year, the Legends’ story has been enriched by a new chapter – sponsorship. City Cruises, Eternal Lawns, ZuZu Lounge at Selby, TS Trailers, and Airstream Events UK have stepped in as valued sponsors, united in their support of this one-of-a-kind endeavour.

For those curious souls who wish to dive into the adventures of The Legends of the Ouse, you can follow their journey on Instagram @the_legend_of_the_ouse. We extend our appreciation for these friends who have brought so much joy to the River Community.

The Legends of the Ouse boat at sunset