So you’ve selected a venue for your corporate event – congratulations if you chose Hornblower! It might seem like the hard work is over after you’ve chosen your venue, but if you want an event that is really going to be memorable and achieve all its aims, you need to make sure you get the details right.

Whether its activities, decorations or other small elements, it’s important to be on point so you can truly have the desired impact.

You might want to start with the decor. Often it’s the small things that can make a big difference and when it comes decorating, a small amount of effort can make a big difference. This can include things such as audio-visual equipment. A simple video or slideshow on an HDTV can help boost the overall look and ambience of a venue and really add that extra bit of branding, if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you really want to emphasize your brand or event’s theme, creating a consistent look across all your decorations is simple and effective, from table linen to balloons and floral arrangements. It’s easy to ensure every aspect is coordinated and will have a big impact.

Be inventive. Find interesting ways to weave together everything at your disposal to create a seamless event that’s memorable in every way. If you’re having a cocktail-style soiree, Hornblower can help you devise a unique, artisan cocktail that’s sure to be remembered.

If you’re celebrating a milestone, product launch or success, you should always have a cake. Again, have it decorated within the style of your theme or company’s brand. Everyone loves cake.

So you’ve got all the standard decorations in place like linen, balloons and even some great floral arrangements, but you want to make an even greater statement. Why not try an ice sculpture? It’s a conversation piece that will have everyone talking.

It’s also important to keep people entertained and engaged. This is true no matter what type of event you have planned. Photo booths can provide plenty of enjoyment and the best part is, they also contribute some great memories of the occasion to take home, which is just what you want to create a positive lasting impression.

Other activities you might consider can include everything from gaming to cigar rolling demonstrations. Both are highly entertaining. We’ve done all this and more aboard Hornblower’s yachts. You’ll be amazed how something so simple can be so much fun.

So, there you have it. Let your imagination run wild, think outside the box and a little amount of effort will be greatly rewarded.

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