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Will my group on the Party Nights Cruise be sat together?

Our skipper will ensure your group are sat on the same deck.

Can I bring my own alcohol on the Party Nights Cruise?

No, any alcohol that is taken onto the boat will be taken and held until the point of disembarkation before it is returned.

What does our ticket include on the Party Nights Cruise?

Upon reaching your table(s), you will be served a complimentary glass of bubbly to enjoy during the 3-hour cruise. Additionally, a delectable two-course buffet will be available and a DJ will be providing the entertainment for the night.

I have a dietary request, can you assist?

Provided that we are notified three days in advance, our caterers can accommodate any and all dietary needs.

Where do we board the Party Nights Cruise?

The Party Nights Afloat cruise will board at our Lendal Bridge Landing , which is near the Starre Inn The City.

Can we pre-order drinks for the Party Nights Cruise?

When making an online reservation, specific beverages may be pre-ordered. In addition, we offer an extensive selection of wines, beers, spirits, mixers, soft drinks, and more.

Can I book a large group on the Party Nights Cruise?

For bookings of less than 20 people, please make your reservation online. However, for groups of 20 or more, kindly send an email to [email protected]

Do you sell Gift Vouchers for the Party Nights Cruise?

Digital Gift Cards are the perfect way to give someone an experience that lets them schedule their adventure at their convenience! A City Experiences digital gift card can be purchased anytime and is valid on all City Experiences, City Cruises, Walks, and Devour Tours experiences that take place in the US and in the UK. Gift cards can be used to pre-purchase experiences and upgrades online or through our contact center but cannot be redeemed for on-board/in-experience purchases.

What do we do when the river is in flood for the Party Nights Cruise?

In the event of a river flood, our Party boat will remain anchored in our boatyard. Nevertheless, our onboard DJ will still provide music, and food will be served.

Is the Party Nights Cruise accessible?

Regrettably, our Lendal Bridge landing does not provide wheelchair accessibility, as there are concrete steps that need to be climbed before boarding the vessel. Additionally, both the upper and lower decks require ascending a series of steps.