Nestled within the ancient walls of York lies a tapestry of history, woven by the threads of time, that stretches back over millennia. As the summer warmth gives way to the gentle embrace of autumn, September offers the perfect opportunity to explore York’s rich heritage and uncover stories that have shaped the city’s identity. Join us at City Cruises, on a journey through time as we delve into the historical narratives that come alive in York during this captivating month.


Roman Eboracum: Foundations of the Past

In September, take a step back to the Roman era when Eboracum, as York was known, was a bustling stronghold of the Roman Empire. The ruins of the city’s Roman walls, the Multangular Tower, and the York Army Museum offer glimpses into the lives of soldiers and citizens who once walked these streets. Explore the Roman Bath Museum, which unveils the luxurious bathing culture that thrived here centuries ago.


The Mystery of Clifford’s Tower

As September unfolds, venture to Clifford’s Tower, an iconic landmark that carries within its walls tales of triumph and tragedy. This mediaeval tower, perched atop a mound, has witnessed the ebb and flow of history, from its origins as a Norman keep to its role in Jewish history during the 12th century. Its commanding presence offers panoramic views of the city, and its stones whisper stories of strife and resilience.


the shambles in york


The Shambles: A Mediaeval Marvel

Wander the narrow lanes of The Shambles, a street that has retained its mediaeval charm through the ages. In September, the warm hues of autumn complement the timber-framed buildings that lean precariously over the cobbled street. This well-preserved corner of York takes you back to the Middle Ages, when it was a bustling marketplace and a haven for merchants.


York Minster: A Testament to Time

September is an opportune time to visit the York Minster, a cathedral that stands as a testament to the city’s spiritual and architectural history. As the largest mediaeval cathedral in Northern Europe, its Gothic grandeur is a sight to behold. Ascend the Central Tower to be rewarded with panoramic views of the city, and explore the intricate stained glass windows that tell stories of faith and devotion.


Hidden Treasures in Museums

York’s museums hold a treasure trove of artefacts that offer insights into the city’s history. The York Castle Museum, situated within the former debtors’ prison, recreates the past through its immersive exhibits. The Yorkshire Museum showcases archaeological finds, from prehistoric artefacts to Roman relics. September’s gentle ambiance is perfect for leisurely exploration of these repositories of history.



As September graces York with its presence, the city’s history unfurls like an ancient scroll, inviting curious travellers to trace its narratives. From Roman foundations to mediaeval lanes, from towering fortifications to soaring cathedrals, York’s historical tapestry is rich and varied. By peeling back the layers of time during this enchanting month, you can connect with the spirits of those who have walked these streets before, and in doing so, become a part of the city’s ongoing story.