Hornblower Cruises & Events is proud to have been selected as the operator for the new Citywide Ferry Service in New York City.

Commuting and connecting in New York is about to get easier.

Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement today at Hornblower’s Pier 15. The service, the first of its kind in more than a century begins operation in 2017 and will connect more than half a million New Yorkers in dozens of neighborhoods for a single $2.75 fare.

Hornblower will create 155 new jobs in New York Harbor. Adding to our dedicated team of 450 local workers that has grown since first beginning operation in New York with Statue Cruises in 2008, and Hornblower’s dining, sightseeing and entertainment cruises four years later. We currently employ more New Yorkers than any other ferry operator in the harbor.

Work. Live. Play.

Citywide Ferry will provide an equitable transportation option for New Yorkers in many neighborhoods that have long been underserved by public transit, and will support housing development, job creation and neighborhood growth by connecting new job and innovation clusters with existing and emerging residential communities. When fully operational, Citywide Ferry will carry an estimated 4.6 million passengers per year.

The first Citywide Ferry routes to open will be Rockaway, South Brooklyn and Astoria, followed by Soundview and Lower East Side routes starting in 2018. The routes will cover over 60 miles of waterway, and over half a million New Yorkers will live within a half-mile of one of the 21 Citywide Ferry landings.

The $2.75 fare will allow for free transfers to any other ferry route within the system. And riders will be able to use both paper and smartphone ticketing, with payments via cash, credit, or debit card. Discounts will be available for seniors and children, and passengers will be allowed to bring bicycles on board for a $1 fee. The Citywide Ferry will be fully accessible to New Yorkers with disabilities, and will comply with the requirements of both the Americans with Disabilities Act and New York City Local Law..

Along with announcing Hornblower as the operator of Citywide Ferry Service, Mayor de Blasio also outlined investment in infrastructure upgrades to support the service including ten new ferry landings and the rehabilitation of six others.

The fleet will be equipped with the most modern engine design available, as well as efficient hull design that will limit wakes and maximize fuel economy. They’ll also look great and provide a comfortable ride.

Hornblower is excited to be a part of this historic new initiative for New York City and looks forward to providing a world-class ferry service that will dramatically improve transport and accessibility for over a million New Yorkers.

You can see the press release here.

More information will be available soon at www.citywideferry.com.

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