London is a city known for its rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant atmosphere. When it comes to celebrating the festive season, London offers a plethora of options to make your Christmas party truly magical. While popular venues like Winter Wonderland and Covent Garden are well-known, there are hidden gems scattered across the city that promise a unique and unforgettable Christmas experience. In this blog, we will uncover the best-kept secrets for Christmas party venues in London.


The Vaults at Waterloo

Located beneath the railway arches near Waterloo Station, The Vaults is an underground wonderland perfect for a quirky and immersive Christmas party. This unique venue is known for hosting unconventional events, and during the festive season, it transforms into a winter wonderland of its own. Expect immersive theatrical experiences, themed cocktails, and a lively atmosphere that will transport you to a different world.


Private Hire on the Thames

Experience a magical Christmas celebration on the Thames with City Cruises London. If you’re looking to break away from the traditional office setting and add a touch of magic to your celebrations, why not consider hosting your event on a river boat cruising along the iconic Thames? Picture the enchanting scenery, the festive spirit in the air, and the joyous atmosphere as you and your colleagues embark on a memorable journey. In this blog post, we’ll explore the delights of hosting your Christmas work party on a river boat on the Thames.

Noel iş partinize Thames Nehri üzerinde bir nehir teknesinde ev sahipliği yapmak, iş arkadaşlarınız üzerinde kalıcı bir etki bırakacak benzersiz ve unutulmaz bir deneyim sunar. Pitoresk manzaralar, büyüleyici ambiyans ve festival lezzetleri kutlamanız için büyülü bir atmosfer yaratacaktır. Öyleyse, bu tatil sezonunda Thames Nehri'ne yelken açın ve eşi benzeri olmayan bir Noel iş partisinin tadını çıkarırken değerli anılar yaratın.


Skylight Rooftop at Tobacco Dock

For those who love the idea of a winter rooftop party, Skylight at Tobacco Dock is a hidden gem. This rooftop bar and ice rink offers breath-taking views of London’s skyline, cosy igloos, and plenty of mulled wine to keep you warm. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the crisp winter air while celebrating with friends or colleagues.

skylight rooftop at tobacco dock


The Queen of Hoxton

The Queen of Hoxton, nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, is a versatile venue that knows how to throw a great party. Their rooftop terrace often transforms into a unique and themed winter wonderland, complete with cosy seating areas, warm cocktails, and live entertainment. It’s a trendy spot for those seeking a more relaxed and contemporary Christmas party.

band playing at the queen of hoxton


The Candlelight Club

Step back in time to the glamorous 1920s by attending a Christmas party at The Candlelight Club. This hidden gem is a speakeasy-style venue that recreates the charm of the Prohibition era. With live jazz, vintage decor, and guests dressed in period clothing, it’s a fantastic place for a themed Christmas bash.


Gökyüzü Bahçesi

the sky garden in london

While the Sky Garden itself is not a hidden gem, it often gets overlooked as a Christmas party venue due to its popularity as a daytime attraction. However, during the festive season, this lush indoor garden offers an enchanting setting with stunning views of London. Imagine sipping champagne among tropical plants and gazing at the twinkling city lights.


Bounce Shoreditch

For a Christmas party with a twist, head to Bounce in Shoreditch. This ping pong bar offers a unique and fun experience that will get everyone in the party spirit. You can enjoy competitive games of ping pong, indulge in delicious food, and sip on festive cocktails – a recipe for a memorable Christmas celebration.


The Victorian Bath House

Tucked away in Bishopsgate, The Victorian Bath House is a hidden treasure that will transport you to the Victorian era. This opulent venue is perfect for an elegant and intimate Christmas gathering. With its grand decor, vintage cocktails, and luxurious atmosphere, it’s a superb choice for a classy celebration.

the victorian bathhouse in bishopsgate, london

London’s Christmas party scene is not limited to the well-known attractions and venues. By exploring these hidden gems, you can uncover unique and unforgettable experiences that will make your holiday season truly special. Whether you’re looking for immersive underground adventures, rooftop winter wonderlands, or themed retro parties, London has it all. So, this Christmas, venture off the beaten path and discover the best-kept secrets of London’s party scene.