Planning on spending your special day in the Windy City? If you’re looking for birthday ideas, Chicago has plenty of unique local ways to celebrate, from sailing on Lake Michigan to eating your way through Chicago’s best deep-dish-pizza joints. With over 234 square miles of land and more than 2.7 million residents, the options are endless. To mark the occasion, you want to do something special and unique. Chicago is the place to take your special day to the next level. 

You know it’s a fun city when Twinkies and Brownies got their start there. So, prepare to make your wish for the birthday of your dreams in the birthplace of Modern Architecture.

Chicago'da doğum gününüzü kutlamanın en iyi yolları

As a vibrant city full of incredible attractions, epic views, and great restaurants, Chicago is the ultimate birthday-party package. As City Experiences offers everything from walking tours to river and lake cruises, you can easily fit multiple activities into a single day, guaranteeing the best birthday party ever. And with so many options, there is no shortage of exciting adventures and unique ways to welcome another turn around the sun. Here are some fun things to do on your birthday in Chicago.


şi̇kago şehi̇r gezi̇leri̇

1. Michigan Gölü'nde bir gezi turuna çıkın

Thanks to Chicago’s prime location on Lake Michigan’s southern shore, it’s easy to hop on a boat and spend your special day cruising along the Chicago waterfront with City Cruises Chicago.
Thrill-seekers can zoom along the shoreline aboard the Seadog speedboat, zipping past famous icons of the Chicago skyline for a ride that’s equally fun and informative. If you want to get up close to the city’s famous landmarks, you can opt for an architectural boat tour through the Chicago River.

Cruising along the waterfront will provide you with a whole new perspective. Grab your crew to create lifelong memories that you will talk about for years to come.


2. Klasik Chicago kurumlarını ziyaret edin

If you’re visiting Chicago on your birthday, you should do things exclusive to Chicago. Explore the lush gardens of Lincoln Park, view world-class art and historical treasures at famed museums, like the Art Institute of Chicago or the Field Museum of Natural History, take fun photos at Cloud Gate (the Bean) in Millennium Park, see the sights on Navy Pier, head to a rooftop bar for a drink, and much more.

The nightlife scene in Chicago is also legendary: Once the sun goes down, you can belt out your favorite songs at a karaoke bar such as Murasaki Sake Lounge where you can enjoy a traditional Japanese Karaoke experience in a private room just for you and your friends. Laugh until you cry at a comedy club, like Second City in Old Town or The Comedy Bar in River North. Considering how many comedians have emerged from this great city, you may find the next breakout star! Get a taste of childhood nostalgia at an arcade bar, like Emporium Arcade Bar where you can drink and play arcade games simultaneously for a little old-school fun.


3. Tarihi bir yürüyüş turunda Chicago'nun farklı bir yönünü görün

Tarihi seviyorsanız, Chicago'nun en iyi noktalarını içeren bir dizi yürüyüş turunda şehrin heyecan verici geçmişini keşfedebilir, suç ve mafya temalı tur da içkili mekânlar, gangster mekânları ve içki kaçakçılığı dönemine derin bir dalış yapabilir veya hayaletler ve gangsterler turu ile şehrin perili geçmişi hakkında bilgi edinebilirsiniz.


4. Michigan Gölü gezisinde dans edin, yemek yiyin veya içki için

Chicago kıyı şeridini gezmenin yanı sıra, Michigan Gölü veya Chicago Nehri üzerinde bir yemek gezisine çıkmak doğum gününüzü kutlamanın en iyi yollarından biridir.

Where else can you find two beautiful waterfront options for picturesque dining?

Bir brunch gezisinde veya lüks bir öğle veya akşam yemeği gezisinde dipsiz mimozaların ve şık bir büfenin tadını çıkarabilir veya Sights and Sips gezisinde el yapımı kokteyller ve şarap eşliğinde Chicago'nun mimari hazinelerine hayran kalabilirsiniz. Ekstra özel bir şey için, havai fişekleri en ön sıradan izlemek için bir akşam turuna çıkın ya da içki ve küçük atıştırmalıkların bolca sunulduğu karanlık sonrası dans gezisiyle bir teknede dans pistine çıkın.

Whichever cruise you decide upon, you cannot go wrong for an amazing spot to blow out your candles.


5. Sahilde takılın

If your birthday falls during the summer there’s nothing more classically Chicago than spending the day on a lakefront beach. North Avenue Beach and Oak Street Beach are two of the most popular, easily accessible from the city center and offering broad, sandy beaches, beautiful views, and casual dining and drinking.

Chicago’s multicultural population has made it one of the most diverse, eclectic dining cities in America, and food lovers will have a field day sampling the best of Chicago cuisine on a food tour. The West Loop is one of Chicago’s best foodie districts, where you can go from a James Beard award-winner to a beloved family-owned institution in just a few blocks.

Doğum günü partileri mi? Daha çok pizza partileri gibi! Çok az şey "Chicago" diye bağırır, o halde burada doğum gününüzün tadını çıkarmak için şehrin en iyi pizzacılarında yemek yemekten daha iyi bir yol olabilir mi? Şehir merkezinden West Loop'a kadar her semtteki en iyi pizzacıları ziyaret ettiğinizden emin olmak için rehberli pizza turlarına bile katılabilirsiniz.

Doğum gününüzü kutlamak için Chicago'nun doğduğu yerden daha iyi bir yer olabilir mi? Yerel bir rehber eşliğinde Chicago Nehri boyunca dolaşmak ve River North gibi komşu mahalleleri keşfetmek için bir nehir turu yapın ve şehrin tarihi ile Magnificent Mile ve Tribune Kulesi gibi ünlü simge yapılar hakkında her şeyi öğrenin.


Şikago Sahili


Doğum gününüzü Chicago usulü kutlayın

Chicago has plenty of unique, one-of-a-kind things to do and see to make your special day stand out. Many are easily bookable and accessible with our City Experiences Chicago tours, so you can spend less time planning and more time celebrating. And if you are looking to go all out for your special day, what better way than to rent out a yacht for a private celebration? City Cruises Chicago has an entire team dedicated private events ready to make your special birthday event one for the record books, with customizable packages to fit your budget and party size. Enjoy an entire deck, or an entire vessel to yourselves, while we take care of all the little details. Even if you’re looking for an event venue for other celebrations such as wedding related events, baby showers, reunions, or even corporate events, City Cruises Chicago and their amazing fleet yachts and boats are sure to make whatever event you looking to host, one for the record books!

So sit back, relax, and let the fun begin! Ready to celebrate? Fill out this form and an event planner will contact you.

FAQs – Chicago Birthday Things to Do

How do you celebrate a birthday in a unique way in Chicago?

Chicago makes it easy to celebrate your birthday. You can take a sightseeing cruise, a dining cruise, a walking tour, belt out karaoke tunes, and enjoy many fabulous restaurants with a seemingly endless list of places to enjoy your special day.

How can I celebrate my birthday without having a party?

You have so many choices when celebrating a birthday in Chicago. You can let the experts handle all the details for you by sitting back, relaxing, and leave the details to someone else aboard a dining cruise or an architectural tour with a unique and unforgettable experience on the water.

What time do restaurants and bars close in Chicago?

In Chicago, bars close at 2 am Sunday through Friday and 3 am on Saturday. Some bars have a late-night license which allows them to close two hours later at 4 am, except for Saturdays which close at 5 am. Check with individual restaurant locations for closing times.

What is the proper dress code for bars and restaurants in Chicago?

Typically you should dress smart casual which means dressy pants or a skirt or dress for women, and men can wear pants or khakis with a nice shirt (skip the hoodies or jeans with holes).

Why is City Cruises an ideal venue for celebrating birthdays in Chicago?
City Cruises provides a one-of-a-kind birthday experience with unparalleled views of Chicago’s skyline. Celebrating on the water offers a unique twist to typical birthday venues, allowing guests to soak in the city’s beauty from either Lake Michigan or the Chicago River.

How flexible are the rental options with City Cruises for birthday celebrations?
At City Cruises, we cater to parties of all sizes! Whether you’re interested in renting an entire boat for a grand celebration, reserving a private deck for a more intimate gathering, or simply booking a private table for a cozy celebration, we’ve got options to fit your needs.

Can I customize my birthday experience with City Cruises?
We understand that every birthday is unique, so we offer a range of customizable packages. From themed decorations to curated menus, our team is here to ensure your birthday celebration is as special as you’ve imagined it to be.

What kind of views can I expect during my birthday celebration with City Cruises?
Whether you choose the Chicago River or Lake Michigan route, you’re in for a treat. Expect mesmerizing views of iconic Chicago landmarks, skyscrapers, and the city’s shimmering reflections on the water, making for a picturesque backdrop to your festivities.

Is there a specific cruise that City Cruises recommends for birthday celebrations?
Both our Lake Michigan and Chicago River cruises offer fantastic experiences. The choice really depends on your personal preference. Lake Michigan offers vast, open views with a horizon filled with Chicago’s skyline, while the Chicago River winds through the heart of the city, offering close-up views of the architectural marvels.

Are there catering and drink packages available for birthday celebrations?
Yes, we offer a range of delectable dining and drink packages to suit different preferences. From gourmet meals to delightful cocktails, our onboard culinary team ensures every guest has a tantalizing experience.

Why is Chicago an ideal city to celebrate a birthday?
Chicago is a city bursting with energy, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks. Its vibrant mix of arts, music, culinary delights, and numerous attractions make it a prime location for unique birthday celebrations. Plus, the city’s location along the shores of Lake Michigan adds a waterfront charm that’s hard to find elsewhere.

What sights can birthday celebrants enjoy in Chicago?
Chicago offers an array of stunning sights and attractions. The Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park (with the famous Cloud Gate or “The Bean”), Navy Pier, and Willis Tower Skydeck are just a few must-visit spots. For those celebrating with City Cruises, the skyline views from the water are truly unparalleled, offering a perspective of the city that’s both breathtaking and unique.

How does Chicago’s culinary scene enhance a birthday celebration?
Chicago is renowned for its diverse and rich culinary scene. From world-famous deep-dish pizzas to gourmet dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every palate. This makes the city a food lover’s dream, ensuring birthday celebrations are paired with unforgettable meals.

How does the changing seasons in Chicago offer different birthday experiences?
Each season in Chicago brings its unique charm. Spring offers blooming flowers in the city’s many parks, summer promises fun-filled beach days at Lake Michigan, fall showcases the city’s architecture against a backdrop of autumnal hues, and winter transforms Chicago into a festive wonderland with ice skating, holiday markets, and snowy cityscape views. No matter when you celebrate, Chicago ensures it’s special.

Original post date: November 9, 2022