Although we are still a fan of the Fodors Travel Guide, many travellers revert to their phones for the latest travel trends and apps out there. We found some of 2014 coolest and newest apps that are sure to help you navigate, save you money and learn new things about the destination you are travelling to (let’s just hope that destination is Niagara Falls, Canada.)


  1. WhatsAPP Messenger

This app allows you to text and message your friends and family anywhere around the world for free. The app grants you permission to use your phone book to access your list of contacts.  The app is $.99


This app allows you snap pictures, edit the colour settings, comments on photos share with friends and upload from anywhere around the world. This ever so popular app is FREE.

3.Flight Track Pro

When booking your flight, this apps allows you to view the accurate distance of your flight from the departure destination to the arrival destination. The great tool about this app as it even forecast delays in the flight, terminal maps and gate numbers.  This app costs $9.99 and can be used for Android, iphones and blackberry.

4.Packing Pro.

If you are one to place your keys in the refrigerator or forget the grocery list at home then this app is great for you. The app allows you to jot down items that you wish to pack and reminds you of those items closer to your departure date

5.Help Call

Many times we often get caught up in our travel plans that we often avoid to think about emergency situations. This app allows you to identify emergency locations in 126 countries. Should the emergency happen and you are unable to press for help on one of the four buttons, then you simply shake the phone for an emergency call.

6. Oanda Currency Converter

This app allows you to convert your currency in 190 languages and even allows you to enter bank rates as well. This app is FREE and available on Android, Blackberry and iphone

7.Sky Scanner

This app allows you to choose a destination and date of travel and will notify you of exclusive deals and rates for the flight of choice. Android, iphone, Blackberry, Windows

8.Trip It

This app allows you to properly manage your flight information, car rentals, hotels, activities in your vacation. This app is free and available on the iphone, Android and Blackberry


Now that you are fully equipped with the latest apps, why not start your travel plans to Niagara Falls, Canada.