If you are a Canadian reading this you will feel a sense of pride not just because we are home to the sport of hockey, delicious Tim Hortons coffee and warm and fuzzy toques (fyi, which are winter wool hats), but you will feel honoured as the Canadian leaf country was recently ranked the top country in the world to live in, visit, study and attend organized events. Country Rep Trak report released the information about Canada being rated the number one country that received the best overall reputation in the world after three consecutive years of holding the title. Hornblower Niagara Cruises is thrilled to be located in Canada as it is a first for the Hornblower San Francisco based Company to operate an iconic attraction for global visitors.

The Reputation Institute, which operates in 30 countries, is known as the world’s leading reputation management consultancy. The 2014 Country RepTrak™ report is based on the online answers from 26,000 consumers in the G8 countries and focuses on the 55 countries around the world with the highest GDP. According to the study, there is connection between a country’s reputation and income its receives from tourists visiting.

For visitors who are not Canadian, but travel to the diverse country whether it be for the first or the fourth time will quickly discover the politeness and the patriotism from citizens. Whether your walking down street or someone opening the door for you the kindness and do-good feeling is everywhere.

Located in a worldwide tourism destination and as a brand new operation in Niagara Falls, Canada we take pride in welcoming guests and giving them a true Canadian experience.

The San Francisco based company branched its successful business to a world famous destination in 2012 to operate the only Canadian boat tour that took on the waters in Spring 2014. In its fist season, Hornblower Niagara Cruises welcomed more than 1 million passengers from around the world to experience the thrill and adventure.

“For international travellers, conventions and meetings held in Canada can be the first spark that ignites interest in doing business that leads to investment, in addition to exploring the unique experiences that our country offers,” says Greg Klassen, Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) president and CEO (Interim).

“It’s fantastic that the world holds Canada in such high esteem, which helps make our country such a desirable place to visit,” says Jon Mamela, CTC Chief Marketing Officer. “Looking ahead into 2015, we will continue to offer diverse experiences to curious travellers keen to live a life less ordinary by enjoying our incredible nature, dynamic cities, unique culture and local lifestyles.”

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