Have you ever imagined travelling to a world-class tourism destination where celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt and Katy Perry traveled to? Or how facing a glorious wonder up close and person?  We all dream of travelling to Niagara Falls, Canada, one of the several natural wonders o the world, but sometimes we find ourselves holding back due to financial reasons. We’ve created the perfect tips to tour Niagara Falls on a budget while still  being able to explore the amazing sites, restaurants and attractions.


1.Choose your Accommodations Wisely

There are a number of hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts and hostels available in the city that are available for rates between $65-$89/night.  Many of these accommodations will host continental breakfasts or an area where grab-and-go meals are available.


2. Gourmet Meals in a Jiffy

Many times travelers will pull out their credit cards and cash to splurge a little bit more on mouth-watering culinary delights, who doesn’t blame them, HOWEVER, when traveling on a tight budget be sure to ask and find restaurants, or food stands that serve up culinary masterpieces for a fraction of the cost of a fine dining establishment. Whether you enjoy beef kabobs to sweet and savoury crepes, there are a number of great stops to soothe your cravings.  When visiting Hornblower Niagara Cruises be sure to check out our fresh and fast ‘Mist Gourmet’ that serves up full meals for at inexpensive price.  


3. Book Online, because you really do SAVE!

 You may be asking yourself, ‘I’ve heard of this before’ but don’t be fooled, as there are a number of fantastic sites and attractions to see and do while in Niagara Falls.  At #NiagaraCruises we encourage you to book online at www.niagaracruises.com to save tickets on your purchase. The bonus of purchasing online, visitors can wave to others in lines as they bypass the crowds upon arrival. Not only can you experience, Hornblower Niagara Cruises there are a number of attractions available for visitors to book in advance to save those pennies.


4. Avoid taxis, take the bus!

Don’t reach into your pocket in hopes of finding change and gum, instead purchase a ‘WeGo’ daily bus pass that allows you travel anywhere, anytime in Niagara Falls, Canada for only a small fee. This is fast and easy way to commute in the city as well as preserving the environment and avoiding the use of vehicles on the roads.


5. Take a Hike… Really!

Enjoy Niagara’s great outdoors at no cost. There are a number of outdoor

eco-tourism adventures to be enjoyed. Whether it is walking, biking or jogging down Ontario’s oldest road, known as the Niagara Parkway, to taking a leisurely stroll in ‘Canada’s Prettiest Town,’ Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, there are a ton of eco-adventures that are sure to be enjoyed.


Now that you are ready to pack your bags and go, be sure to give us a call as we would love to welcome you to one of Canada’s signature attractions.


Visit: www.niagaracruises.com for more information.