Mother’s Day only happens once a year, so make sure it’s special. Treat mom to everything she deserves – even if you’ve left it to the last minute, you can still make sure she has a great Mother’s Day!

1. Breakfast in bed
And if you really want to start the day right, start with breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t like being able to laze a little longer and be served breakfast in bed? Especially when it’s a rare break from the routine for most parents. It doesn’t have to be amazing, though it’s good if it can be! But make sure it’s edible. If you or your kids aren’t that great in the kitchen, keep it simple. You can’t go wrong. Even if you do burn the toast, we’re sure mom will appreciate it.

2. Decorate or personalize something
If you’re looking for something special for the mother of your kids, get them to decorate something. Almost anything can be customized these days, coffee mugs, bags, you can even have the kids write a story about mom and get it made into a book. You’re only limited by your imaginations… and the kids usually have plenty of that. Or, if you don’t have the creativity, you can have something personalized with her name or a special Mother’s Day message. Uncommon Goods have all sorts of great gifts for mom, and many can be personalized.

3. Brunch Cruise
Even better than breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day brunch cruise. Not only will mom love it, the whole family will! Hornblower has two special Mother’s Day brunch cruises, an early Mother’s Day Family Brunch Cruise for the whole family to enjoy the sights, delectable brunch buffet, jazz and more. Or you can try our Mother’s Day Champagne Jazz Brunch Cruise where mom can also indulge in free-flowing mimosas. We promise it’ll be a Mother’s Day she won’t forget.

4. Flowers
Never underestimate the power of flowers to show you care. It’s always good to know what mom’s favorite flowers are. It’s traditional but it’s still a winner.

5. Chocolate
This is also a trusted winner for Mother’s Day. Or maybe you just want to find something beautiful, delicious and sweet? Either way, you can’t go wrong with Fulton Stall Market at South Street Seaport where you’ll find an amazing array of artisan foods and gifts. If you can’t make our Mother’s Day brunch cruises, take mom down to South Street Seaport, get her something special at the markets and then take the family on a cruise aboard Alive After Five!

6. Spa Experience
After the family is finished on one of our brunch cruises, take mom straight to a day spa to be pampered. It would be the perfect way to end Mother’s Day and is sure to make her happy.

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