This year, Hornblower celebrated its 17th year of Pet Day on the Bay. Tails wagged and ears perked as dogs took to the seas for the 17th annual charity cruise for Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Guests brought gently used towels and blankets for deserving shelter dogs, which help them feel safe and warm. Helen Woodward Animal Center Beth Chee says, “If it wasn’t for Hornblower, we’d have to go and buy all those towels and blankets. Hornblower collects enough to last us almost all year.”

Boarding time was full of smiles (and puppies ready for adoption!).

Chopper the Bike Dog was there to greet fans!

KUSI TV came down to see the festivities.

Some guests couldn’t wait to cruise!

Pumpkin Pie was there with her mom – and even got a picture with the captain!

This lucky German Shepherd even got to meet the water puppies!

CBS 8’s own Ashley Jacobs came on board to meet some cuties!

The outing was a welcome treat for pups and people alike. Guests had the choice of four hour-long bay cruises, with nibbles and treats for four-legged friends thanks to Petco.

Pups were treated to a fine selection of munchies on board.

WholePets was on deck!

Petco was there to share tips and treats!

Pups even got to try some Power Bites!

Your Bud’s Best Brew Dog Beer was on the scene, and smiling canines enjoyed the special treat!

Zailey even did a beer bong!

Dog trainer Darris Cooper was on board, training pups and giving tons of cuddles.

Everyone’s favorite corgi, Colton, was there enjoying yet another cruise!

But Colton wasn’t the only corgi on deck. Meet Teemo!

Teemo isn’t quite sure how water works yet (this video was so cute, it’s since gone viral).

More corgis, you say? Here we go:

Every dog on board had an incredible time. Fur blew in the wind, with smiles all around!

Riley couldn’t stop smiling – can you blame her?

Everyone had an incredible time on board, and we’re so thankful to have had yet another wonderful year with Helen Woodward Animal Center.

The fun had to end sometime, and goodbyes were hard – but we’re already excited for 2018! Keep an eye out for tickets here.

Don’t worry Bailey – we didn’t want to leave, either.

For more information about Hornblower Cruises & Events and Pet Rescue Day on the Bay, call 619-686-8700. For more information about the great work that Helen Woodward Animal Center does with animal adoptions, click here.

Want to attend Pet Day on the Bay next year? Keep an eye out for tickets here.

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