While they say Virginia is for lovers, its third most populous city is one that you can easily fall in love with overnight. Norfolk, Virginia is a city that should be at the top of your list when looking for a venue to host a networking event. This city of 66 square miles including seven miles of Chesapeake Bay beachfront has a booming downtown. From the opera to the symphony and the largest naval base in the world, Norfolk has it all, including fun restaurants, cocktail bars, and festivals. It’s a great city to host events, including networking events.

The perfect way to meet professionals is through networking. “Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting,” according to Investopedia. It’s also a great way for professionals to “find out about job opportunities in their fields, and increase their awareness of news and trends in their fields or the greater world.”

There are many places in which to host networking events in Norfolk. But to be honest, many are just the same old tired venues. Why not take networking to a new level by hosting your next event with one of City Cruises’ venue options on the water? City Cruises is the expert in everything event-related, especially when it comes to where to host networking events in Norfolk.


The Advantage of Hosting Networking Events on a City Cruises Boat

A great networking event deserves an even greater venue, and City Cruises makes that easy in Norfolk. Where to host networking events in Norfolk is easier than you think. Host your group event on the water with City Cruises venues, a unique environment with hospitable and welcoming staff. Being on a yacht makes networking events more exciting than typical, blasé rooms at hotels or event centers.

City Cruises offers unique environments on a variety of yachts, making networking events adventurous and the only way to network. A boat setting offers a venue that allows guests to mix and mingle in an open-air setting. All-inclusive packages include chef-prepared menus, full bar options, and customized entertainment depending on your needs. But the best part is the backdrop while you’re on Norfolk’s Elizabeth River. Guests will enjoy the breathtaking views from climate-controlled interiors and open-air outdoor decks. The boat setting is sure to help get guests to feel relaxed so they can freely network to their advantage.



City Cruises Helps Set the Stage for Effective Networking

Mixing and mingling at work-related events can often feel unnatural. Throw in a networking event, and things can get downright awkward. On the one hand, you know it’s something that may help you in your career or with a possible job in the future. You never know who you might meet. But trying to stay upbeat and excited can be challenging.

Having an event on a City Cruises yacht can help change the stuffy professional situation into a less stressful event. At a City Cruises Norfolk networking event venue, you can kick back and relax. The atmosphere on the boat can help break down barriers so that you can be your authentic self. The picturesque views alone are an icebreaker for your guests. Before you know it, you will be engaging with other professionals that can possibly take your career in a new, exciting direction.


The Norfolk Fleet Is Ready for Your Networking Event

Norfolk corporate holiday partyThe question is where to host networking events in Norfolk, and the answer is easy. Whether you are planning a small or large networking event, City Cruises has a venue to fit your needs.

Norfolk Fleet and Venues features the Freedom Elite, a high-end private venue that offers complete customization and an open-air lounge deck. You can enjoy seating on Deck 1 with views from most directions overlooking Norfolk. This deck has a spacious dining room, bar, and dance floor. Deck 2 features a lounge deck and bar with access to a partially covered open-air observation deck.

For larger networking events, Spirit is perfect. This three-level dining vessel has two interior climate-controlled dining decks and three exterior observation decks. This venue can bring together a large networking event with all the amenities. Guests will enjoy mingling inside or out along with spectacular views of Norfolk.


Customize Your Norfolk Networking Event with City Cruises

Whatever you are planning, City Cruises has everything you need. Whether it’s a small networking event or a larger one, City Cruises has a package just for you: daytime or nighttime, lunch, dinner, or for cocktails, we can work with your ideas, your budget, and your time of year. City Cruises has all-inclusive packages for your perfect event. Then you sit back and let us do the work. Just bring the guests and everything is smooth sailing from there.

You can include additional customization options as well. It’s all about what you need and how to make your networking event stand out from the rest. It will be anything but the old-fashioned stuffy networking party.



City Cruises Has the Ideal Venues for Networking Events

Everyone at City Cruises wants your event to be amazing. Since everything is better on the water, this is the only place to be and the only way to have a networking event. It will be an adventurous way for your guests to enjoy getting to know others and sharing ideas over drinks overlooking the skyline.

Just fill out this form and an event planner will contact you ready to begin the planning process of making your next event one to remember. All you have to do is select the date, make a reservation, and get ready for an unforgettable event! Then, we’ll be in touch and get the event planned so you can sit back and rest easy. Everything will come together. Before you know it, you and your guests will be on one of City Cruises Norfolk’s venues. We will see you soon!