A Penitenciária Federal de Alcatraz abriu em 1934 e quando fechou as suas portas de cela pela última vez em 1963, mais de quinhentos prisioneiros tinham cumprido pena no "The Rock".

Throughout the prison’s 29-year history there was an average of one guard for every three prisoners. Today, there are only three or four surviving Alcatraz ex-cons and about three surviving guards.

Of the many members of the clergy who performed duty on “The Rock”, the only living, former clergyman is Father Bernard Bush S.J. It was curiosity about the mysterious island penitentiary in the middle of San Francisco Bay that first attracted Father Bush’s attention. The young seminarian decided to volunteer his services on Alcatraz in 1958.

Join Journeys of Discovery correspondent Tom Wilmer for an interesting dialog with Father Bush.