Following A Historic Opening To The 2023 Season, Niagara City Cruises Continues Its Banner Year, Hitting 15 Million Guests Aboard The Boat Tour
Since The Operation’s Inception

NEW YORK, NYNiagara City Cruises announced today a record milestone, officially welcoming 15 million guests onboard the boat tour to Niagara Falls, since assuming ferry operations to the iconic falls in 2014. This season marked the earliest opening in the history of any boat tour to Niagara Falls, due to favorable weather through the spring. With a strong start and rebound of tourism to the Niagara region, the attraction listed as one of Canada’s most unique visitor experiences, officially crossed the milestone threshold on June 1st.

“There are few experiences in Canada like the Voyage to the Falls boat tour,” says Mory DiMaurizio, Chief Operating Officer of City Cruises in Canada. “To hit 15 million visitors in less than a decade, especially considering the challenges of the last few years, is a significant achievement. I’m proud of our team at Niagara City Cruises for consistently delivering a world-class visitor experience, and thankful for all 15 million guests for choosing us during their visit to Niagara Falls.”

Niagara City Cruises started the cruise to the Falls on the Canadian side of the Niagara River during the 2014 season under the banner Hornblower Niagara Cruises and marked its first million visitors by August 16th in that first year. The attraction was rebranded as Niagara City Cruises in 2021 as part of an overarching global rebrand initiative and now part of the City Experiences portfolio of travel products.



The Voyage to the Falls boat tour is a 20-minute excursion that offers guests the experience of a lifetime. Starting at the dock in the Niagara Gorge — which is a site unto itself — passengers cruise past the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls before coming face-to-face with the renowned Canadian Horseshoe Falls. From the deck of one of the twin catamarans in the Niagara City Cruises fleet, guests can feel the thundering roar of the water, witness its awesome power and get immersed in the amazing mist.

On weekends after sunset (and starting daily on June 16th), hop aboard the Falls Fireworks Cruise for the best views of the stunning lightshow over the brink of the Falls. Admire Niagara Falls at night aboard a 40-minute cruise under starry skies, with panoramic skyline views, stunning illuminations and, of course, fireworks that light up the sky.

“Deep in the mist, the thundering waters crashing down mere metres away — Niagara City Cruises offers a vista of the Falls you simply can’t experience anywhere else,” says Mr. DiMaurizio. “Once you take a cruise with us, you will understand why the Voyage to the Falls was voted a top visitor attraction in Canada.”

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Niagara City Cruises, the official Boat Tour operator for the Niagara Parks in Niagara Falls, Canada, is a subsidiary company of City Experiences, the global leader in world-class experiences and transportation, with headquarters in San Francisco, California.  As Canada’s most memorable visitor experience, the Niagara Falls boat tour operation hosts millions of visitors a year and since its opening in 2014, Niagara City Cruises has welcomed more than 15 million visitors. For more information visit


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