Niagara Falls Named #1 Instagrammed Waterfall in the World

For hundreds of years, visitors have been flying, training, busing and driving to one of the world’s most well-known destinations, Niagara Falls, Canada. Guests from around the world are always looking to get as close as possible to capture the breath-taking natural wonder.
Not only is Niagara Falls the fastest moving waterfall in the world in terms of erosion, but it also sees more water plummet over the crest line than any other waterfall in the world! And as of October 2019, Niagara Falls takes another international title as the # 1 most Instagrammed Waterfall in the world!

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This month, the DailyHive और Forbes announced Niagara Falls as the most Instagrammed waterfall in the world, based on all the captured and shared photos on the social media network. The waterfall ranked #1 out of 20 waterfalls in the world, even beating out 3 that are natural wonders of the world.
#NiagaraFalls has been used over 3 million times on Instagram to date! Following in second place with 343,037 hashtag uses is Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Multnohma in Oregon came in third with 262, 021. With Niagara Falls trending all over the world, it’s also impressive to note that two out of the three waterfalls that make up the famous waterfalls also made the list! The Bridal Veil Falls ranked at #10 with 127,020 hashtags and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls ranked at #12 with 76,784.

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Niagara Falls Fun Facts

You may now know it is ranked at #1, but do you know how old Niagara Falls is? How it was created? Or who was the first person to find it? Here are some fun facts to know about our beloved waterfall:

  • More than 168,000 cubic metres (6 million cubic ft) of water go over the crest line every minute during peak daytime hours.
  • Niagara Falls has receded over 11 kilometres (seven miles) in the past 12,500+ years, making it one of the fastest moving waterfalls in the world!
  • No Instagram filter needed! The natural turquoise waters stem from the dissolved salts and rock flours from the limestone found along the Niagara Gorge walls.
  • The deepest section in the Niagara River is just below the Falls. It is so deep it equals the height of the waterfalls above at 52 metres (170 feet).
  • Scientists predict that in approximately 2,000 years the American Falls will run dry, becoming similar to what the Niagara Glen looks like today. The Horseshoe Falls could continue to recede up to six kilometres (four miles), putting the waterfall at risk of becoming rapids.

So now you have a few fun facts about Niagara Falls, Canada, now we want to know, when will you be visiting? Buy tickets now!