Rome Tours

Rome is an amazing city that is full of ancient history. Rome attracts visitors from all over the world making it the third most visited city worldwide. People flock to discover the city’s renowned cuisine as well as its impressive monuments and lively atmosphere. It only makes sense that there are a ton of great tours in Rome to take part in. Read below to learn more about Rome’s history, famous landmarks, and some of today’s most popular Rome tours.

रोम का एक त्वरित इतिहास

Legend has it that Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by two twin brothers, Romulus and Remus. In the beginning, Rome was a monarchy but switched to a republic government around 509 B.C. It stayed a republic for

a few hundred years until 27 B.C. when it was overthrown and became an empire. It was during the time of the empire that Rome became one of the greatest civilizations. After the fall of the empire in

476 A.D., the Pope because a more integral part of Rome. In 1870, Rome became the capital of Italy and is today one of the most visited cities in Italy and Europe.


रोम, इटली में प्रसिद्ध स्थलों


This amphitheater was built over 2,000 years ago and at the time could hold over 50,000 people. Colosseum was created for public shows like watching gladiators fight to their death. Known for its magnificent structure and the brutal history that unfolded within its confines as the centre of Roman indulgence, the Colosseum remained active for over 500 years. Since the sixth century, it has suffered earthquakes, lootings, and even bombings during World War Two. The Colosseum was created for public shows like watching gladiator shows.


The Pope does not actually live in Rome, but instead in the Vatican. Vatican City is actually considered its own country and has its own postage stamp. One of the most famous attractions at the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel.

सेंट पीटर बेसिलिका

सेंट पीटर बेसिलिका वेटिकन सिटी में है और 1506 में शुरू किया गया था। चर्च का निर्माण सौ साल से अधिक समय तक चला और 1615 तक समाप्त नहीं हुआ।


पैंथियन का निर्माण 126 ईस्वी के आसपास किया गया था। यह मूल रूप से एक रोमन मंदिर था, लेकिन 609 ईस्वी से एक कैथोलिक चर्च रहा है।



रोम के कैटाकॉम्ब

रोम में एक भूमिगत दुनिया है जिसमें 4,000 से अधिक कैपुचिन भिक्षु हड्डियां हैं जो 2,000 साल पहले वहां रखी गई थीं।

ट्रेवी फाउंटेन

ट्रेवी फाउंटेन का निर्माण 1732 में किया गया था और आज रोम में सबसे प्रसिद्ध स्थलों में से एक है। एक इच्छा बनाना और फव्वारे में एक सिक्का फेंकना लोकप्रिय है। प्रत्येक दिन, फव्वारे से 3,000 यूरो से अधिक एकत्र किए जाते हैं और फिर दान में दान किए जाते हैं।

स्पेनिश कदम

The Spanish steps have nothing really to do with the Spanish, except for the fact that the Spanish embassy was once at the foot of the steps. Today the Spanish Steps are the perfect location to sit down and people-watch while enjoying a gelato or picnic.

रोमन फोरम

The Roman Forum is in the center of Rome and was once the main meeting area in ancient Rome. Today visitors can see many ruins of important buildings and sculptures of the past.


सिटी एक्सपीरियंस द्वारा सर्वश्रेष्ठ रोम टूर्स क्या हैं?

कोलोसियम टूर

सिटी एक्सपीरियंस में रोम में कुछ निर्देशित पर्यटन हैं जिनमें कोलोसियम शामिल है।


Gladiator’s Gate gives guests special access to the Colosseum and its arena floor. Put yourself in a gladiator’s shoes and walk into the 2,000-year-old structure from the ground floor. Avoid the crowds and long entrance lines and access the arena via the Gladistor’s Gate. Hear tales of ruthless crowds and emperors, then explore the first and second levels with your guide. Guests will also get access to Palatine Hall and the Roman Forum on this tour-an area not usually accessible to the public. The VIP Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is similar to this tour. This tour includes access to the Colosseum Underground, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Arch of Constantine where the stories will bring the ruins to life. Stand in the spot where gladiators once clashed swords and battles raged before throngs of spectators. Learn what daily life was like in ancient Rome as you walk in the footsteps of everyday citizens among the ruins.

एक अनूठा अनुभव प्राप्त करने के लिए, पर्यटक भूमिगत और एरिना फ्लोर के साथ वीआईपी कोलोसियम एट नाइट टूर के साथ सूर्यास्त में कोलोसियम देख सकते हैं। इस दौरे में टीट्रो डी मार्सेलो के बाहर की यात्रा और रोमन फोरम की अनदेखी भी शामिल है।

This after-hours access will connect you through storytelling with your local expert guide as you marvel at the incredible architecture of the Colosseum.

कैटाकॉम्ब्स टूर

For those that like unique experiences, visit the Crypts, Bones, and Catacombs tour of underground Rome. With this tour, guests will ride a bus to the Capuchin Crypt, which is sometimes called The Bone Chapel where the bones of over four thousand monks lay to rest. Visitors on this tour will also stop at San Sebastian Catacombs and then Appian Way, a road dating back thousands of years ago. The tour will end at the Roman Aqueducts, unique channels constructed to provide fresh water to populated areas. While the tour takes guests all over Rome, the tour guide will be there the entire step of the way giving interesting facts and tidbits about the surrounding landmarks. This half-day small-group bus tour is guaranteed to thrill adults and children alike.

पैदल यात्रा

If you just got to the city and you are looking for a quick guided tour around Rome, join the Welcome to Rome: Twilight City Stroll and Gelato-Tasting tour. This tour is perfect for getting acquainted with the ancient city. The English guide will take you to famous Rome attractions like Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, the Piazza Navona, and multiple churches. The guide will tell you about the thousand-year-old history of the city and many of the buildings. Along the way, you will pick up plenty of expert tips that you can put to use during the rest of your vacation.

VIP Key Master’s Tour

One of the most unique tours to get a peek behind the scenes with special access is joining the Key Master on a special access tour and witnessing the opening of the Vatican Museums for the day. VIP Vatican Key Master’s Tour: Unlock the Sistine Chapel. Enjoy two exquisite hours inside the museums, sharing the space with a group of no more than twenty guests in total. Spend as much time as you desire inside the museums at the conclusion of your tour. One of the best parts of this tour is the fascinating storytelling and hidden details that your official Vatican guide will reveal to you in each of the galleries that you visit. As stated in Forbes, this exclusive experience spent with the legendary key master takes you through many of the highlights of the Vatican, including the stunning Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of the Candelabra, the Raphael Room, and other locations.

फूड टूर

One of the best things about visiting Italy is tasting the amazing food. Rome Street Food Tour and Pizza Making is a fun guided food tour that can give guests a taste of what the city has to offer. Visitors will take a guided tour through the Jewish Quarters and Centro Storico as they stop into some of the amazing shops and learn how the Romans eat. The tour covers seven businesses and has guests trying one of the popular Jewish-style fried artichokes, a supplì at a 200-year-old bakery, and some local beer to pair perfectly with fried codfish, a local delight. Guests will even make their own pizza by stretching the dough, placing the toppings, and popping it in the wood-fired oven! Last but not least, the night will end with dessert at a local gelateria for some gelato tasting! The entire tour takes about three hours and includes enough food to satisfy one for dinner.

Another great food tour is the Trastevere Rome: Gourmet Food and Wine Tour. This Rome tour takes you to four different bars and restaurants
in the Trastevere neighborhood. Guests will enjoy fine wine, authentic pasta,
and local meats and cheeses.

पाक कला वर्ग

यदि आप अपना खुद का भोजन बनाने के साथ अधिक हाथ प्राप्त करना चाहते हैं, तो पास्ता-मेकिंग क्लास आज़माएं: स्थानीय शेफ के साथ शराब पकाएं और पीएं। इस तीन घंटे के खाना पकाने की कक्षा में मेहमान एक स्थानीय इतालवी के साथ कंधे से कंधा मिलाकर काम कर रहे हैं। मेहमान पास्ता बनाने की कला के बारे में सब कुछ सीखेंगे, जिसमें यह जानना भी शामिल होगा कि विभिन्न प्रकार के सॉस के साथ कौन सा पास्ता आकार सबसे अच्छा है। इस कक्षा के साथ, छात्र प्रोसेको और एपेरिटिव पीने, अपने घर का बना पास्ता बनाने और खाने में सक्षम होंगे, और यहां तक कि मिठाई में लिप्त होने से पहले जिलेटो बनाने का प्रदर्शन भी प्राप्त कर पाएंगे। यह फूड लवर्स के लिए परफेक्ट एक्सपीरियंस है।

ऑल-इन-वन रोम टूर

Short on time in Rome, Italy, but want to see the best attractions in the city? The Rome in a Day Tour with the Vatican, Colosseum, and Historic Center is the perfect all-in-one tour. In one full day visitors will visit the Colosseum, the Vatican City, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and the Roman Forum.

रोम की यात्रा करने के लिए कितने दिन?

जबकि रोम, इटली में देखने के लिए बहुत कुछ है, शहर को आसानी से 3 दिनों में देखा जा सकता है। सिटी एक्सपीरियंस में कुछ शानदार रोम टूर हैं जो आपको कुछ ही दिनों में शहर की पेशकश करने वाली हर चीज का आनंद ले सकते हैं।

Original post date: June 7, 2022