Thanksgiving Day Afternoon Architecture Lunch Cruise FAQs

What makes City Cruises' Thanksgiving lunch in Chicago on the River special?

City Cruises offers an unparalleled Thanksgiving experience with its Premier Plus Chicago Lunch Cruise on the Chicago River. Guests are treated to panoramic views of Chicago’s distinctive architecture from a unique vantage point on our glass-enclosed vessel. As you cruise under famed city skyscrapers and landmarks, you’ll indulge in a gourmet, plated Thanksgiving meal, accompanied by specialty cocktails. With exceptional service, live DJ entertainment, and the boat’s luxurious climate-controlled interior and open-air decks, this Thanksgiving celebration is truly unmatched in elegance and ambiance. 

What sights can you see on a Thanksgiving lunch cruise in Chicago on the River?

During the Thanksgiving Day Premier Plus Afternoon Lunch Cruise, guests will sail the Chicago River, immersed in the city’s architectural wonders. Notable landmarks you’ll pass by include the DuSable Bridge, Merchandise Mart, Willis Tower, the Old Chicago Post Office, and more. This cruise offers a unique perspective of Chicago’s world-renowned architecture, making it a visual feast to complement your Thanksgiving meal. 

Are both food and drinks served on the 2023 Thanksgiving lunch on the Chicago River?

Absolutely! Guests on the Thanksgiving Day Premier Plus Afternoon Lunch Cruise are served a meticulously curated, chef-prepared, plated three-course holiday menu. Additionally, a fully stocked bar offers a selection of creative cocktails, wines, and beers for purchase. Guests can also enjoy unlimited servings of coffee, hot tea, iced tea, and water throughout the cruise. 

Why is Thanksgiving a great holiday to get out on the water with City Cruises on the Chicago River?

Thanksgiving, at its core, is about appreciation and shared moments. The City Cruises experience on the Chicago River takes these sentiments and amplifies them. By combining Chicago’s architectural grandeur with gourmet dining and top-notch service, guests are presented with an unparalleled holiday celebration. Cruising the Chicago River offers a refreshing and memorable twist to traditional festivities, allowing guests to truly cherish the holiday amidst the city’s iconic skyline.