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Why should someone choose the Chicago New Year's Day Premier Brunch Cruise for their New Year celebration?

The Chicago New Year’s Day Premier Brunch Cruise is a perfect way to embark on new beginnings. Set on the serene waters of Lake Michigan, this cruise offers an ideal blend of relaxation and revelry. From savoring a chef-prepared brunch menu to soaking in scenic vistas of Lake Michigan, guests can enjoy a tranquil yet festive start to the new year. The addition of unlimited mimosas and captivating onboard entertainment further augments the celebratory atmosphere. 

What is the suggested attire for this brunch cruise?

Guests are encouraged to dress in casual attire that is both comfortable and stylish. Recommended options include khakis, neat jeans, dresses, casual button-ups, and blouses. While the emphasis is on ease and comfort, it’s also an opportunity to put on something chic for the special occasion. 

What culinary delights await guests on this cruise?

The Premier Brunch Cruise promises a delightful culinary experience. Guests can indulge in a sumptuous brunch menu, featuring a selection of freshly prepared entrees, salads, and desserts. To complement the meal, unlimited mimosas are served, ensuring a festive spirit. Additionally, unlimited coffee, hot tea, and iced tea are available to quench thirst. 

Is there any entertainment onboard?

Certainly! An onboard DJ sets the mood, ensuring that the ambiance remains upbeat and celebratory. Guests can groove to the music, bask in the scenic beauty of Lake Michigan, or engage in delightful conversations, making for an entertaining experience. 

Are there any customizable options for guests?

Yes, the cruise offers a variety of extras and upgrades. Guests can opt for creative cocktails, wine, and beer from the fully-stocked cash bar. For those who desire unparalleled views, window table reservations are available. Moreover, there are other upgrades available to personalize the experience further. 

When and where should guests arrive for the cruise?

Guests are advised to arrive at Navy Pier, located at 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL by 12:15 pm for boarding. The cruise sails from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, offering a two-hour immersive New Year’s Day experience.