Alcatraz Cruises’ Earth Day 2019 Recap

Each year, Alcatraz Cruises celebrates Earth Day by inviting visitors to find out about how they can implement sustainable practices at home and share what they learn with their friends, family and the community. In addition to education, the day is always filled with entertainment, including live music, arts & crafts, face painting and encounters with the creatures that keep our environment alive and healthy.

The event is in support of Alcatraz Cruises’ Respect Our Planet initiatives. The 2019 Earth Day event attracted over 5,000 people to celebrate “The Ocean is the Heart” with an emphasis on ocean and climate education.
Visitors interacted with 15 Alcatraz Cruises’ partners that included everything from Aquarium of the Bay and San Francisco Zoo to Tree Frog Treks and California Academy of Sciences as well as the Hilton San Francisco Union Square that hosted a simulated ocean fishing pond in which guests extracted trash from the ocean to win sea life toys.

Aquarium of the Bay crew members at Earth Day
photo credit Alcatraz Cruises LLC

Other highlights of the day included Alcatraz Cruises’ own Jordan Rundberg, an Engineer in Marine Operations, who is a beekeeper in is off time as well as Recology, which was there to provide important and practical lessons on how to reduce waste, re-use resources and recycle products.
AC crew member educating attendee about bees
photo credit Alcatraz Cruises LLC

Also on hand were the Marine Mammal Center, and USGS California Water Science Center.
Marine Mammal crew member speaking to attendee
photo credit Alcatraz Cruises LLC

yellow and brown snake being picked up by attendee
photo credit Alcatraz Cruises LLC

On Earth Day and every day, Alcatraz Cruises actively promotes sustainability efforts in San Francisco and throughout the maritime industry. The first maritime company to run hybrid ferry service in the country, Alcatraz Cruises is considered “zero waste,” consistently recycling 90 percent of its waste and is certified “green” by several national agencies. Alcatraz Cruises continues to perform at the highest levels for quality, environment, health and safety.
AC crew members who volunteered for Earth Day
photo credit Alcatraz Cruises LLC

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