With Earth Day being celebrated in many different countries around the world today, at Hornblower Niagara Cruises we make it our mission to provide a healthier and cleaner environment everyday for all of our staff and visitors. The Hornblower companies are dedicated to environmental stewardship and promoting the value of the environment by encouraging others to take action in their own communities.

Today, our Niagara Cruises team was busy preserving and protecting the local community and the environment by making it their effort to work in save their surroundings. Today, we captured members of the #NiagaraCruises team participating in the following:

  • Walking to Restaurants for Lunch hour
  • Lightening the Energy Bill
  • Washing Dishes by hand in the sink
  • Walking to the Hornblower Lower Landing as opposed to driving
  • Not excessively printing papers
  • Carpooling with Coworkers to and from Work
  • Reusing the same Glassware throughout the day
  • Eating Healthier and local lunches that are grown regionally


With our team showing their green Spirit, we encourage you at home to show us what you will be doing to keep it green.



For more information, visit: respectourplanet.com