The secret to securing tickets to Alcatraz during the peak season, which extends through October, is to book the Alcatraz Island/Angel Island Combo Tour, with tickets still available for select dates.
In addition to this insider tip for securing the hottest tickets in town, Alcatraz Cruises’ Combo Tour offers a great value for visitors to San Francisco.
In collaboration with California State Parks and the National Park Service, Alcatraz Cruises offers a seasonal tour including both Angel Island State Park and Alcatraz Island. This combination tour runs during the spring and summer seasons and is available through October 27, 2019. Ticket prices are $78.65 per adult (12-61); $52.40 for children (5-11); $66.40 for seniors (62+); and free for toddlers (0-4).

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The combination tour is a 5½ hour journey. Ticket prices include the ferry rides to both islands, a one-hour historic tram tour on Angel Island, the Cellhouse Audio Tour on Alcatraz and daily optional programs and exhibits. (Note: the tour of the Angel Island Immigration Station is not included in the Alcatraz & Angel Island Combination Tour).
For bookings, visit الكاتراز جزيرة الملاك كومبو جولة or call 1.415.981.7625. If booking the combination tour for a group of 15 or more, please contact Alcatraz Cruises Group Services Department at 1.415.438.8361 or e-mail [email protected].
About Alcatraz:
Most people know that Alcatraz was once a world-famous federal penitentiary, but the island’s history before and after the penitentiary era is less well known. For example, few realize that it was also the site of the first American lighthouse on the West Coast and that the island served as a huge harbor defense fort during the Civil War. After the fort became obsolete, the U.S. Army turned the island into a military prison. Following the closing of the penitentiary, Alcatraz became the site of an American Indian protest movement that would change modern American history.
Alcatraz Island gardens
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About Angel Island:
Angel Island is known as the “Ellis Island of the West”. Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, immigrants that came to America’s West Coast were processed at Angel Island. They were detained for days, sometimes months or years, while waiting to enter the country. The United States Immigration Station on Angel Island is now a newly renovated museum that offers visitors a chance to learn about this important part of U.S. history. The museum is open for self-guided tours between 11:00AM to 3:00PM, Wednesday-Sunday.
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