Designed for those that want to discover the deeper mysteries of Alcatraz Island, the National Park Service and Alcatraz Cruises feature a ranger-guided Behind The Scenes Tour, which is limited to no more than 30 people.
This intimate adventure, that focuses on an Alcatraz Island long forgotten, has visitors wending through the under belly of the Island to remote historical treasures that are not included in the customary day tour, including everything from dark, secret tunnels; an underground jail from the military prison era; special gardens with stunning views; mysterious passageways; compelling stories; undisclosed artifacts; and hidden doorways, which conger up curiosities.
Then, after the revealing Behind The Scenes Tour, visitors can experience the highly acclaimed Cellhouse audio tour, which focuses on the many notorious assets of the former U.S. Penitentiary.
As a word of caution, children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the Behind The Scenes Tour. Additionally, this exclusive tour is a bit strenuous and lasts about 4-5 hours. For more information, schedules and costs, please visit Behind The Scenes Tour