Voyage to Something Deeper and More Meaningful on Our American Queen Voyages 

Traveling brings out the ability to discover new places. It’s for those who yearn to dive deep into places unknown so that they never miss a new experience. Whether it’s for a couple of hours, days, or at least seven nights at sea, you can dive into the adventure that’s made for you. Voyages can also be combined for longer vacations.  

At City Experiences, our goal is to bring people together on water and land-based tours, including dining, sightseeing, and private events. To complement these wonderful experiences, American Queen Voyages operates overnight cruises in three divisions: River, Lakes & Ocean, and Expedition, so there’s basically something for everyone to enjoy. 

Discoveries of a Lifetime  

American Queen Voyages operates in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The experiences are vast and include trips on the Mississippi River; Ohio, Tennessee, & Cumberland Rivers; Columbia & Snake Rivers; on the Great Lakes; Canada & New England; Alaska & British Columbia; Southeast US; and Mexico & Yucatan Peninsula. 

River excursions on American Queen Voyages are each a journey through the mighty rivers of America and historic port towns. You can take a trip on the water as it carries you through encounters where you will enjoy the local music, cuisine, and culture while relishing in luxury on a lavish paddlewheel steamboat that is reminiscent of a bygone era. As you discover new places, you’ll discover an awakening in yourself, which is what your getaway should be all about. 

 You’ll go off the beaten path on our Lakes & Ocean experiences while sailing on 202-passenger ships. The Ocean Voyager and Ocean Navigator are small-ship cruising vessels offering shore excursions to Canada, the Great Lakes, New England and the Eastern Seaboard, Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Our Expedition cruises will take you to new heights in our state-of-the-art vessel Ocean Victory, which accommodates 186 passengers. It offers 12- and 13-day trips to the more remote areas of Alaska’s Inside Passage. Here you will connect to the people and culture in remote indigenous villages. You’ll easily understand the importance of protecting this very delicate environment.  

While cruising along the southeast Alaska coast, explore coastal secrets, stunning waterfalls, and hidden villages while enjoying incredible ports such as Vancouver and Seattle.  

A Different Way to Experience Places Along the Way  

Take our excursion experiences via kayaks and Zodiacs exclusively through our Expedition voyages and via onshore Included Tours and Premium Tours options available on all our voyages. We offer trips to many places that you truly want to visit and include the top features of each location. You are immersed for hours in a variety of places from New York City to New Orleans and the highlights that they have to offer. 

We take excursions seriously and go one step further with American Queen Voyages, which is a great complement to City Experiences. The voyages are overnight adventures offering a unique way to travel and experience beautiful parts of the US, Canada, and Mexico. They are in-depth because you’ll travel for a longer period of time and get to partake in the local scene along the way.  

Discovery Runs Deep through all our expeditions and experiences. We invite travelers to throw away their guidebook and take a chance by going off the beaten path. That’s where you’ll discover the unscripted experiences in North America.  

Explore and Cruise Inner Alaska 

We’ve all heard about the wonders of an Alaska cruise and the Alaska Insider does not disappoint. It is a 13-day cruise that starts in Sitka, Alaska, and winds down through other stops including Kake and Frederick Sound, Endicott Arm and Ford’s Terror, Petersburg, Misty Fjords all the way through to Vancouver, BC, where you’ll disembark when the cruise ends. 

However, while on the cruise, you’ll enjoy exploring the spectacular Waterfall Coast, take a guided Zodiac expedition, witness spectacular gray whales while listening to their language, and then go truly local while you’re a guest in a Tlingit Tribal House. 

The all-inclusive journey includes a one-night pre-cruise hotel stay, ground transfers, unlimited guided tours, unlimited beverages, open bars, renowned cuisine, in-room dining, unlimited WiFi, hiking apparatus, and onboard entertainment. 

 Take a Cruise from Minneapolis to New Orleans 

 Before you board to cruise to New Orleans you’ll enjoy a complimentary hotel stay in Minneapolis. Here you can check out the city for dining and entertainment before you take off the next day for the Mississippi River Cruise – Minneapolis to New Orleans. 

 Get ready to enjoy the landscapes and different cultures as you cruise down the Mississippi starting in Minneapolis and head toward New Orleans. You’ll enjoy it all in one of the American Queen Voyages luxury vessels. Take in the many unique sites along the way and relish in some spice as you head toward the scent of the cuisine that only New Orleans can cook up. 

 Dive in And Explore the Yucatan 

 On this luxury cruise, you’ll envelope yourself in a Mexican adventure like no other. The Immersive Yucatan Exploration takes you from Cozumel to Cancun, Mexico, starting with a hotel stay in Cozumel before you embark the next day. You’ll delight in scenic sailing on the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico starting on Day 3 then cruise to Campeche, Progreso, and so much more.  

 The magic that is Mexico and its coastline will take your mind to new heights. Then you’ll wonder in the lush rainforests, prehistoric ruins, and touch your toes on the sandy beaches along the way. You’ll cruise in luxury and tour historic stops on foot all the while sampling the local and spicy cuisine. 

 This is yet another all-inclusive journey featuring a one-night pre-cruise hotel stay, ground transfers, unlimited guided tours, unlimited beverages, open bars, renowned cuisine, in-room dining any time of day, unlimited WiFi, hiking apparatus, and onboard entertainment.