San Diego Whale Watching Report for 3/17:

What a glorious day on the water! The luck of the Irish was with us today for both cruises: AM: About 6 miles out, saw one fin whale but it quickly disappeared. The 3 grays heading north – one breached and two cris-crossed the bow of ship several times for close views. Saw about 40 common dolphins coming back into harbor.

PM: About 7 miles out, saw 4 grays in groups. Lots of rolling and pectoral fins, indicating mating behavior. Lots of bottlenose and common dolphins all around the whales. Three broke off and sped ahead and we stayed and watched the single whale stay on top of water, rolling, spy hopping for about 30 minutes very close to the boat. Unbelievable sight – one 7 year whaler said she had never seen this previously. About 200 common dolphins and 100 bottlenose dolphins. Report from Kathy Eure, San Diego Natural History Museum Whaler.

From the book, One Thousand Whales in a Year, by Mike Roeder with his partner Scotty Schmidt ride the Hornblower Whale Watching cruise almost daily ….”They (gray whales) appear as a sparkling, splashing presence that can be seen miles away. Once the boat draws near, they usually approach to play with the boat. Sometimes they are in traveling mode and pay no attention at all. Other times they are feeding and won’t play. But most of the time they swim with the the boat and we really enjoy watching them. From the bow of the Hornblower boat, we look directly downward to see them swimming effortlessly, they are being propelled by water shoved aside by the bow.” For more

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