New Jersey, also known as the Garden State, is more than just “New York’s neighbor”. New Jersey holds the title of the most densely populated state within the United States, The Atlantic City Boardwalk is the oldest boardwalk as well as the longest, the first professional baseball game was played in Hoboken, and this one may surprise you – The Statue of Liberty is actually in Jersey City, not New York. However, New York still has jurisdiction over the iconic landmark.

With such a large population, it is also home to countless businesses looking for the perfect meeting space. There is no better way to conduct a meeting than aboard a City Cruises New Jersey yacht featuring exceptional views of New York City’s skyline. Check out the iconic landmarks such as Lady Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge all from the water, and all customized the way you want it. With City Cruises, leave all the details to us so that you can sit back, relax, and become a guest at your own event!

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 Step Up Your Meeting Game with City Cruises in the New York Area

Any successful event can be measured by its ability to provide a positive and engaging experience for guests. The location sets the tone for any occasion, and a well-chosen space to host a meeting can enhance the theme, provide the right ambiance, and facilitate guest comfort. Companies that hold corporate events and acknowledge hard work and accomplishments know that these gatherings have an enormous impact on employee morale. Creating memories with your colleagues while hosting an event in an unconventional way will significantly create hype around your organization and show your team that you value them. City Cruises New Jersey stands above the rest with its luxurious fleet and unique floating venues. Our yachts provide comfort, function, and novelty that will set the tone for a successful and unforgettable meeting. We offer flexible and customized packages tailored to your budget and meeting size, all with top-notch hospitality and skyline views of New York City’s spectacular skyline.

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Where Ideas Meet Excellence in New Jersey

You and your guests will feel a break from the mundane when you step aboard one of our vessels. City Cruises New Jersey offers an increasingly popular location for corporate meetings due to our ability to mix business with leisure. We offer a relaxed environment where executives connect both professionally and personally. Taking employees out of typical meeting spaces encourages thinking outside the box and allows teams to build stronger relationships within the organization. Being surrounded by water provides a refreshing backdrop that helps reduce stress and encourage discussion. Not only will you enjoy New York’s iconic landmarks and the city’s skyline, but the tranquility of the water will promote clear thinking. Our hospitable crew will take care of you and your guests with fresh and delicious chef-prepared meals, full bar service, and lively entertainment ensuring everyone can concentrate on the work at hand.

Your Meeting, Our Expertise

At City Cruises New Jersey, our innovative meeting spaces pave the way toward increased productivity and guest satisfaction. Our relaxed setting and stunning surroundings create an extraordinary experience conducive to better teamwork. We have a fantastic fleet of vessels to choose from to host your next meeting, each with comfort, luxury, and attentive hospitality as well as spectacular views.  Whether it is a team meeting, professional development


training, launching a new product, or a celebration, City Cruises wants to ensure everyone has a good time. We can accommodate any size for your meeting with flexible packaging. Need a table? We can do that. A deck to host your event? We have you covered. Need an entire yacht? Let us take the helm and plan your event alongside you to turn your vision into a reality. Our professional and dedicated event crew can help you plan onboard activities to keep everyone committed to the task at hand while having fun. Need live music? We can make that happen. Need photography? We can do that too. We want you to enjoy your corporate event while we take care of all the details for you. Bring everyone together in a unique and positive environment that gets everyone away from traditional meeting spaces and gives them something to feel excited about. Ready to plan your event? Fill out this form and an event planner will contact you to sail into your next meeting.

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What are some ideas for a company outing in the New Jersey/ New York area?

New Jersey and the New York City area are some of the best places in the world to enjoy an outing with colleagues. Your team will love unique views of the city skyline all from a unique perspective on the water. City Cruises offers an amazing experience aboard a luxury yacht with delicious food, full bar service, and unmatched views.

How much will it cost to host a corporate event aboard a City Cruises yacht?

There are several factors that go into this answer. Hosting a company event aboard a yacht is probably a lot more affordable than you might think! Depending upon your group size, dining, drinks, and entertainment needs, our professional crew will work with you to build the perfect corporate event within your budget.

How long do private yacht cruises last for a corporate event?

City Cruises private cruises can last anywhere from two hours to the whole day.  Our team will help you plan the perfect event with just the right amount of time to create a successful and exciting experience.