This Exclusive Ticket Package, Powered by Anchor™, Allows Discounted Access to Three Waterfront Attractions: Seadog, Architectural Tour, Navy Pier Centennial Wheel Fast Pass and 360 Chicago

Chicago, IL (June 7, 2021) – City Cruises Chicago, Navy Pier and 360 Chicago announced today the launch of the Official Chicago Waterfront Experience bundled ticket package, bringing together for the first time ever discounted access to three iconic Chicago attractions, Seadog Architectural Tour, Navy Pier Fast Pass to Centennial Wheel and the 360 Chicago Observation Deck.

This unique ticket package, powered by Anchor, is now available for purchase on each attraction’s website and will retail for $93.99/adult and $69.99/youth, representing an almost 20% overall savings. For more information visit

The Official Chicago Waterfront Experience includes:

  • 75-minute Seadog River & Lake Architectural Tour
  • Admission to the 360 Chicago Observation Deck
  • Fast Pass admission to Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier

“Undoubtedly, the three best ways to truly see the city of Chicago are from the perspectives of City Cruises’ Seadog Architectural Tour on the Chicago River, the 94thfloor of the 360 Observation Deck, and the iconic Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier,” says Dan Russell, Chief Operating Officer, City Cruises Chicago. “We are thrilled to be a part of this exclusive offering, encouraging visitors and residents alike to experience the best of the city as our tourism industry continues to bounce back and traveler confidence returns.”

“As Chicago’s largest Observation Deck, 360 CHICAGO is the perfect first stop for any visitor. At 1,000 feet high, we offer an unsurpassed view of the city and an authentic look its unique story,” said Tony Wong, Senior Sales Manager, 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck. “The Waterfront Experience Partnership is an exciting ‘welcome back’ to guests who are quickly returning to Magnificent Mile after a long absence. 360 CHICAGO has always offered guests unique angles on the city, and this package is a must-see way to show off the Chicago experience from land, air, and Lake.”

“City Experiences represents a diverse portfolio of land and water-based experiences, and the Official Chicago Waterfront Experiences builds upon our core mission of delivering amazing experiences for our guests,” said Kristina Heney, City Experiences Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer. “As we continue investing in our intuitive booking platform, Anchor, we are thrilled to expand our destination bundling options in New York City, San Diego and San Francisco with our partners in Chicago.”

This exclusive ticket package is powered by Anchor, City Experiences’ proprietary ticketing platform which provides a holistic end-to-end digital experience and enhanced guest experience, allowing reservations to be booked directly to each attraction, eliminating the need for guests to exchange vouchers at each ticket office.

Tận tâm mang đến trải nghiệm an toàn, lành mạnh và thú vị cho tất cả du khách và cộng sự, cả ba tổ chức đều đang hoạt động tuân thủ nghiêm ngặt hướng dẫn do Trung tâm Kiểm soát và Phòng ngừa Dịch bệnh (CDC) đưa ra, và tham khảo ý kiến của các cơ quan y tế tiểu bang và địa phương. Thông tin bổ sung về các giao thức an toàn nâng cao có thể được tìm thấy trên trang web của mỗi điểm tham quan.

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Press materials for the Official Chicago Waterfront Experience:

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Official Chicago Waterfront Experience Ticket Information
This pass is now available for purchase on each attraction’s website and will retail for $93.99/adult and $69.99/youth, representing an almost 20% overall savings. When the transaction is completed, guests will receive a single confirmation email allowing them to view real-time availability and book their ticket for each attraction. The ticket package allows guests to visit each attraction once within a 30-day period, starting with the date selected for the first transaction. Visitors have 90 days to redeem the pass. Changes to individual redemption dates can be handled by guests at the venue level. For more information visit

About City Experiences
City Experiences represents Hornblower Group’s expansive portfolio of water- and land-based experience companies and includes two sub-brands: City Cruises and City Ferry. City Cruises companies operate dining, sightseeing and private events across 22 destinations in the U.S., Canada and the UK. City Cruises companies also operate cruises on behalf of the National Park Service and the Niagara Parks Commission and currently hold service contracts to provide ferry service to the Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, Alcatraz Island and Niagara Falls. City Ferry companies offer specialized knowledge and expertise required to transport passengers, vehicles and other cargo safely across inland and coastal waterways, serving as operator of NYC Ferry and Puerto Rico ferry system, among others. City Experiences’ portfolio of companies also offers a range of water- and land- based experiences including shore excursions, partner-offered experiences, multi-port packages, with companies including Cruising Excursions, ShoreTrips, Niagara Jet Adventures and Walks products. For more information visit

About 360 Chicago
Soaring 1,000 feet above Michigan Avenue stands one of the city’s most iconic attractions – 360 CHICAGO. 94 stories up the John Hancock Center, 360 CHICAGO offers breathtaking views of Chicago’s famous skyline, Lake Michigan, and three neighboring states. It’s the only place to experience TILT – Chicago’s greatest thrill ride! This unique marvel hydraulically tilts thrill- seekers outside of the building, providing the most exhilarating views from a never-before-seen angle. Relax at BAR 94 in the Observation Deck which offers local crafts and spirits and the best sunset view in the city. Explore the many facets of Chicago with our 360-degree touchscreens, available in five languages. There’s no better way to experience the real Chicago! For more information visit

About Navy Pier
Located on Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is the top nonprofit tourism destination in the Midwest, stretching more than six city blocks and typically welcoming nearly 9 million annual guests. Originally opened in 1916 as a shipping and recreation facility, this Chicago landmark showcases more than 50 acres of parks, restaurants, attractions, retail shops, sightseeing and dining cruise boats, exposition facilities and more. The Pier celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016 with the unveiling of the iconic Centennial Wheel, Polk Bros Park, Fifth Third Bank Family Pavilion and Peoples Energy Welcome Pavilion. In 2021, Navy Pier continues to usher in its second century with ongoing Pier-wide redevelopment efforts—including Sable, a 223-room Hilton hotel, new restaurants and partnerships, and thrilling additions to Pier Park. The Pier is also proud to continue providing free, year-round arts and cultural programming designed to inspire, educate and connect communities across the city and globe. Click here. to donate to Navy Pier, a mission-driven 501(c)(3) organization, in support of the organization’s post-pandemic revival and free public programming. For more information,

Press Contact:
Michael DeiCas / City Experiences / [email protected]

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