Philadelphia has a very rich, incredible history and is packed with excitement. What is celebrated as the birthplace of America and known as the City of Brotherly Love is also the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed and is known as the first capital of the United States of America.

People love to live and visit Philadelphia because of all the wonderful things to do in the city, including taking part in historical tours, great breweries, restaurants, nightlife, sightseeing, and the list goes on. And for companies in this great city, there are wonderful places to host events, whether for business, employees, or clients. If your company is looking to host an event in Philadelphia, look no further than City Cruises for the best corporate event venue or for meeting spaces.


The Advantage of Unique Philadelphia Meeting Spaces with City Cruises

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Important corporate events need the perfect venue. That’s where City Cruises comes in. If you want to know where to host your corporate events in Philadelphia, look no further. Meeting spaces and venues are usually all the same. The same old common hotel event space, or the local restaurant or bar space, oftentimes without windows. For meeting spaces in Philadelphia, City Cruises can take your event to the next level – sea level!

When searching for the perfect event venue in Philadelphia, the City Cruises fleet offers something dramatically different and exciting. City Cruises offers a fleet of venues on the water that bring out the explorers in us all. The views from the water overlooking Philadelphia are breathtaking, and the customizable packages and amenities are unparalleled.


Experience Meetings on the Water with City Cruises in Philadelphia

You and your guests will cruise on the Delaware River and enjoy the fascinating views of the city, making your choice to choose one of City Cruises yachts as an event venue in Philadelphia the only way to go. Along the way you’ll take in Philadelphia’s historic waterfront and the skyline. Each floating venue has its own style with exceptional features. Your meeting will be customized and include climate-controlled interiors, open-air outdoor decks, chef-prepared menu options, and full-bar service. You get to choose from all-inclusive packages that can be customized for your party size as well as your budget.


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Types of Meetings City Cruises Philadelphia Can Accommodate

Event venues in Philadelphia on the water with City Cruises can accommodate all types of meetings. If you are looking to help improve your team and how they work together, book a team meeting or team-building workshop. The venues provide a friendly atmosphere where your team can kick back and relax in a warm and caring environment.

If your client meetings or presentations tend to be on the stale side, change it up. Bring them aboard a City Cruises yacht that will welcome your clients, and with a view! City Cruises can also accommodate corporate conferences and seminars. Explore our Philadelphia city fleet, which offers yachts of several different sizes and features. You can also host product launches and press events. Dazzle your guests not only with new products but also with the thrilling views that are a part of the event.


Why Choose City Cruises for Your Meeting in Philadelphia

The unique environment of a City Cruises yacht can bring more to the meeting than if you have it in the typical four-walled space that is stuffy, stress-inducing, and boring. When you take it to the water, things are different. The caring and hospitable staff will allow everyone to feel welcome so they can drop their guard. The views and the open-air decks allow people to let loose and get their ideas out on the table. There’s a chance for more exchange of great ideas, and people are more apt to come together for team-building and a morale boost in a relaxed atmosphere that is difficult to find elsewhere.


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Customize Your Meeting Space or Venue with City Cruises

The two exceptional meeting spaces in Philadelphia through City Cruises fleet and venues are the Rendezvous and the Spirit of Philadelphia. The Rendezvous is a two-level private yacht that is elegance personified, with an upper-level cocktail lounge, lower-level dining room, and two outside decks, including a third-level skydeck.

For larger events, the Spirit of Philadelphia is a three-level yacht dining vessel with three interior climate-controlled dining decks and an exterior observation deck. The first two decks have a dining room, bar, and dance floor. The third deck is where guests can enjoy cocktails and a spectacular view of Philadelphia.

Additional services include activities of your choice, entertainment, and music. Speak to City Cruises about any technology and equipment you need to ensure smooth sailing for any presentations for which you need support.


Let’s Get Booking!

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City Cruises knows that everything is better on the water and wants to ensure your event has the perfect venue to make that happen. Our unique meeting spaces are perfect for your event, from team building to your latest product launch. Your guests will love getting to know others on an excursion that makes work events something people want to attend.

Simply contact City Cruises to plan your next meeting event on the water. The online form is simple to fill out. Then someone from our wonderful staff will be in contact to help you plan the meeting that is sure to have your guests buzzing about it with everyone they meet. We will see you on the water soon!