Hornblower Cruises & Events has always been a leader in our field when it comes to the environment, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

This approach has been intrinsic to Hornblower from the very beginning thanks to the vision and efforts of our Chairman and CEO, Terry Macrae. So, it’s great to see Terry’s commitment rewarded at City and State Magazine’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards and being honored for Distinguished Lifetime Achievement in Promoting Environmentally Responsible Water Transportation.

Put simply, it’s for dedication to doing the right thing for the environment. Terry bought Hornblower when it was only two boats. The Hornblower family now includes over 50 vessels and businesses such as Statue Cruises in New York, Alcatraz Cruises in San Francisco and Niagara Cruises. You can read a bit about his story here.

Hornblower is built on the motto: Respect Our Crew. Respect Our Guests. Respect Our Planet.

In New York, this has included the introduction of a vessel that runs on Hybrid fuel, the Hornblower Hybrid(an award winner itself), as well as looking for eco-friendly alternatives in every aspect of operations, from cutting edge cleaning products that reduce impact on the environment to the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Hornblower yachts run on.

Working with the Green Power Partnership, Statue Cruises uses Renewable Energy Certificates for 100% of their electricity usage.

The commitment also extends to education and the larger community. Hornblower has a strong working relationship with local maritime training and educational institutions in New York City, specifically The State University of New York – Maritime College located in Bronx, New York and New York Harbor School located on Governors Island. Instilling environmental awareness while we search for our captains of the future.

Congratulations Terry!

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