On behalf of Hornblower New York, we wish all of the hardworking men and women of the greater New York area a happy Employee Appreciation Day!

And of course…to all of my colleagues: thanks for all that you do! The dedication, support, and enthusiasm we display for one another day in and day out make Hornblower New York the exciting and eventful company it is. It has been a long, cold winter, but we’re beginning to turn the corner on spring, and our busy events and cruise season is nearly upon us!

About Employee Appreciation Day
Known in the US as the “Guru of Thank You”, Dr. Bob Nelson, a founding member of the Recognition Professionals International (RPI) (previously NAER- National Association for Employee Recognition), had the honor of kick starting the first Employee Appreciation Day in 1995.

Employee Appreciation Day is a non-official day and there’s no real authority on what needs to be done, but if you’re a boss and want to show your team just how much you appreciate them, you could try out some of these ideas:

Treat your staff to breakfast, lunch or snacks.
Host an office party or an after-work get-together for your staff.
Give workers some of the day off.
Organize an outdoor team building exercise, like a tug-of-war or an fun office quiz.
Take fun pictures and post them on the company social media pages to show the world just how much you care!
Plan an Employee Appreciation or Team Building Event with Hornblower!

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