Here at Hornblower we always like to do things, well, BIG. Fun and memorable wedding cruises, epic private events, corporate events that change employees’ ideas about them. As such, we’re really happy and excited to introduce something really new and exciting: flyboarding (how awesome does that look?).

Hornblower San Diego recently began offering flyboarding shows to groups and private charter groups looking for an extra dose of excitement while on our party boats. Guests watch with rapt attention as a couple of ‘flyboys’ ride on flyboards around the cruise ship. Shooting into the air, performing flips, diving under water: these guys really know what they are doing. They can even interact with the guests with high fives and more. We bet that you thought that you had seen it all.

Flyboarding is a unique way of adding to your next outing on one of our party boats in San Diego. What do you think? And, if you’re still not convinced/want to see some flyboarding in action, watch this video. Would you want to have the ‘flyboys’ out at your next event?

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