Hosting a non-holiday office event? Plan it with a theme! Adding a theme to your corporate event is a perfect way to get your attendees more engaged and excited about the event. Take a look at our themes below for inspiration on your own party.

Celebrate the diversity in your office and have team members send you their favorite dishes from home. Work these dishes into the menu or incorporate them into your small bites selection.

Hosting a beer tasting party sounds complex but it’s actually quite simple and fun to do. All you need is a variety of beer, for all palate types, beer descriptions and a scoring sheet for guests to take notes. Here’s a link to the Brewers Association where you can find local breweries and support local business.

Much like hosting a beer tasting, hosting a wine tasting can be a hoot! Be sure to educate your attendees with signs or handouts, offer an array of wine selections and have score sheets. Here’s a link to the American Winery Guide to help you find wineries in your area.

DIY stations encourage creativity and allow for easy conversation. Set up different DIY stations around your venue that cater to multiple interests. Here are some station ideas to get you started: DIY Candy Bags, Stress Balls, Bath Bombs, Terrariums, Calendars, Picture Frames and LEGOs (for the tinkerers).

Play music, serve food and have games inspired by all of the decades of attendees and invite guests to come dressed like they did in high school (keep it PG of course).

Celebrate company pride with color themed drinks, food, party favors, games and decorations. Encourage guests to come dressed in their favorite company color too. It will make for a visually stunning event. Make sure to have a photographer!

For a more elegant affair, host a roaring 20’s evening. Ideas for activities include gambling tables (winnings go to charities!), a speakeasy with mixologists, an old-timey band with live singer, room for dancing and a photobooth with props.

Also, take a look at our How to Plan a Party while Staying Sane blog post for a comprehensive guide to planning your event.

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